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How To Store Kitchen Utensils Without Drawers: Let's explain

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Would you like the overstuffed drawers to ruin the kitchen you love most? We never love this, right? Overstuffed kitchen drawers are disgusting; finding utensils at the right time. 

We want our utensils to be well-organized, but we don’t want them to take up only a little space in the drawer. 


I understand your mind as I have gone through this situation once. Fortunately, I have guidelines that take me only a short time to research and eliminate this problem. 


I researched it and found some exclusive ideas for organizing kitchen utensils without drawers. 

Below, you’ll acknowledge how to store kitchen utensils without drawers and some additional tips. So, let’s begin without any delay.

7 Effective Ways To Store Kitchen Utensils Without Drawers

These ways are a game changer for those without drawers in their kitchen cabinet. Storing utensils without a drawer is easier if you try the following ways appropriately.

Way 1: Mount A Kitchen Pegboard to Store Kitchen Utensils 

There are many different types of kitchen utensils available. You can choose anyone from them, especially pegboard. Pegboard is terrific for organizing kitchen utensils. 

It is a space-saving tool for hanging knives, spoons, spatulas, etc. Mounting a pegboard in front of the kitchen wall is easy. 

You need to turn them, nailing them with screws or pins. Place them at the corner of the kitchen stove where they’re easy to hook up to your regular kitchen work.

Way 2: Kitchen Utensils Holder 

If you had a bunch of small kitchen appliances, it would help you a lot. Kitchen holders come in different shapes, sizes and materials. You can use them for your own sake. Utensil storage is an initiative to store multiple small kitchen tools like whisks, hand grinders, scissors, spatulas, etc. 

Most importantly, wall-mounted kitchen utensil holders can keep things together in one place. You can customize them according to the kitchen space and your wish.


Way 3: Store Kitchen Tools To Glass Jars Or Containers

You can store your necessary kitchen tools in glass jars or containers while buying biscuits, candies, or anything else that may come with a large glass jar or container. 

Or, you can buy them from any online store or shop. Glass jars are often helpful for storing spices, napkins, kitchen paper towels, etc. You can store regular laundry detergent grocery items in mason jars

Before storing anything, clean the jars adequately with mild dish soap and warm water.

Way 4: Keep A Temporary/ Floating Shelves In The Kitchen 

Add a temporary or floating shelf in your kitchen. It is a space-saving idea that you need to cope with. You can eliminate the extra burden of cleaning by using stainless steel shelves. Floating shelves provide ample space to store most kitchen tools, including pots, pans, rice cookers, etc. 

They can be a good storage idea for displaying utensils you may not need now. But you want to keep it handy for further usage—store stainless steel utensils set here, which you need primarily for the occasion. 

Way 5: Place The Knife In A Magnetic Knife Strip

Organizing kitchen utensils can be tricky, but you can easily handle them with this idea. Buy a magnetic strip to store all the knives. Not only knives, you can also hang utensils there, which you don’t need right now. 

One of the benefits of using magnetic strips is that they won’t be scratched, unlike any hanging hook. It is truly a great way of organizing your utensils. Moreover, it is a perfect choice for a small kitchen to keep utensils without drawers.

Way 6: Bring Utensils Cuddy to Your Kitchen 

As we take different opinions from many kitchen utensils reviews, we further know that utensils caddy is an incredible space saver for the kitchen. You can store other utensils here, like cleaning products, scrubbers, etc. Utensils organizer cuddies are also a great option to gather many things in one place. 

These things are found in different sizes and shapes. It is often made with various types of material, including wood, plastic, metal, etc. You can buy them from online shops where the best stainless steel utensils, baskets, and caddies are sold. 

Way 7: Add Magazine Holder for Store Cutting Boards

In our house, we all have a magazine holder where we used to store many types of newspapers, magazines and other things. You can add this magazine holder as an ultimate thing for utensils without drawers

We often need to pay more attention to magazine holders, as we barely use them. It’s because most of them they’re using as a garbage keeper at our home. 

But this type of magazine holder can be a great option to keep cutting boards, wooden utensils, etc. 

Plus, those utensils can store spices, ketchup, sausage and other grocery items. If you want, you can use them as a vegetable or fruit storage basket. 

Search on some of the best-known branded online shops to find the best kitchen utensils basket or magazine holder.

3 Tips to Storing Kitchen Utensils Without Any Drawer

Keep these three things in mind for storing your cooking utensils. You don’t need to overload your drawer space after applying them.


  1. Keep the utensils aside, which you don’t need to use frequently. This thing will save up much space to display other items.
  2. Organize your cooking utensils by their size and shape. Distinguish between small and large-sized utensils to select their storage place.
  3. Use your kitchen wall to place most of the utensils there. This way, you can store items, and your kitchen drawer will be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What Should I Do If My Kitchen Has No Cabinet With Drawer?

You can still store your necessary cooking utensils without using any drawer, including knife strikes, baskets, caddies, stylish countertops, crocks, etc.

What Can I Use As An Alternate Of Utensil Holder?

You can use hanging hooks or tools to hang some utensils on the side of your kitchen cabinet.

How Can I Organize My Dishes Without A Drawer?

You can place any shelves, such as floating shelves, beside the wall to store them. Besides, you can buy a magazine holder laundry basket to store regularly used dishes, plates and other utensils.

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Final Wrap

Creative solutions can be your best bet when you face the challenge of storing kitchen utensils without a drawer. You can easily cope with this challenge through wall-mounted racks, hooks, magnetic strips, countertop organizers, etc. 


It can offer efficient alternatives. Use the above ideas to get rid of your headache on how to store kitchen utensils without drawers


Remember that your thoughtful approach and creativity can transform any kitchen into a functional one. You can make it a visually appealing culinary workspace even without traditional drawers.

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