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How To Build A Diagonal Drawer Organizer? Learn The Easiest Way!

How To Build A Diagonal Drawer Organizer: Learn The Easiest Way
Diagonal Drawer Organizer

It is not easy to keep kitchen utensils or silverware orderly. No matter how hard you try, they will get scattered. As a result, finding the necessary utensils on time is challenging. But a silverware tray or a kitchen drawer organizer can save you from such problems. Continue reading this article to learn how to build a diagonal drawer organizer.

The methods of making diagonal drawer dividers are easy. Start the process by collecting the necessary items like a miter saw, pencil, tape measure, glue, etc. Then with proper measurements, you have to cut the wood pieces. Next, attach all the pieces.

This is a general idea of making a drawer organizer. Read the whole to get precise descriptions of each step.


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Steps To Make DIY Drawer Dividers

How To Build A Diagonal Drawer Organizer
Diagonal Drawer Organizer divider

You can quickly transform your junk drawer into an organized kitchen drawer. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and improve your kitchen storage system.

Collect Necessary Materials

The first and foremost step of making a drawer organizer is collecting all the needed materials. The material that you will need are mentioned below-


    • Wood (Size of the wood depends on the size of your kitchen drawers or compartments)
    • Miter saw ( You must collect this because, without this, you cannot cut the wood pieces diagonally at a 45-degree angle)
    • Wood Glue
    • Thin Strips
    • Tape Measure
    • Scissors ( To cut the thin strips)
    • Pencil
    • Microfiber Cloth
    • Sandpaper


Note: You can independently select these materials from your nearby stores.

Clear All The Items From The Drawer

Blank Drawer
Blank Drawer

Before making a drawer organizer, you must remove all the items from the drawer. This step is necessary to take the measurements accurately.

Clean The Kitchen Drawers

After you remove all the items, clean the empty drawer with a microfiber cloth. If a microfiber cloth is unavailable, you can wipe the drawer off with a wet paper towel or a damp rag.

Take The Measurement

Drawer Measurement for diagonal drawer organizer
Drawer Measurement

This is the most crucial part of making a diagonal drawer organizer. One mistake in this part can ruin all your effort. 

However, do not worry at all. We are here to guide you so that you can make perfect DIY drawer dividers.

First, take a tape measure and find the length and width of the drawer. Make sure the measurement is accurate, so if needed, measure twice.

Remember, the diagonal dividers have to be smaller than the empty drawer. Or else they won’t fit inside if you do not leave some space. 


So, after you measure the drawer, minus some inches from the actual length and width. It would be perfect to deduct slightly less than 1/4 inch from each proportion of the drawer.

Cut The Wood Pieces

Once you take the measurement, it is time to cut the wood pieces to their perfect size. Mark the wood pieces as per the measurement you took earlier for the diagonal organizer. ( Note: Here, we are talking about the final measurement that you got after subtracting 1/4 inch from each side of length and width)

Next, cut the marked part carefully in a straight line with the help of a miter saw or a miter box.

Make A Box By Assembling The Pieces

The hard part of making a diagonal drawer organizer is done. Now, it is time for the fun part. You have to assemble the four corners of the pieces with the help of wood glue.

The long pieces are the length, and the short ones are the box’s width. So, take a long and a short piece, and attach them at a 90-degree angle. Repeat the same process with the other two pieces.

Then attach them al-together to make a box, and keep it somewhere to dry.

Decide How You Will Place The Utensils

When the box is drying, you can use this time to plan how to organize the utensils in your drawer dividers. Whether it is office drawers or kitchen drawers, make a plan in mind about the arrangement of the utensils.

This planning beforehand will help you determine the drawer dividers’ gaps and dimensions.

Measure and Cut The Diagonal Pieces

You can only make diagonal drawer organizers if you add diagonal pieces. Before adding the drawer dividers, you must measure and cut them.

As you have already planned the arrangement to hold utensils, you have the number of diagonal dividers in mind. So, take the measurement of the distances and mark the wood pieces.

Now, cut the wood pieces at a 45-degree angle with a miter box to give them a diagonal shape.

Attach The Diagonal dividers With Wood Glue

Attach The Diagonal dividers With Wood Glue

After perfectly cutting the drawer dividers at a 45-degree angle, it is time to attach them to the box with wood glue.

First, place the drawer dividers in the marked places of the box that you already planned before cutting the dividers. Make sure that the placement is accurate. To fix the dividers smoothly, trim or sand their ends.

Once you think that the diagonal dividers are fit to get attached to the box, glue them. There you go! You now have a perfect diagonal drawer organizer in your hand.

However, before proceeding to the next step, ensure the whole thing is dry.

Line The Drawer With Thin Strips

Line The Drawer With Thin Strips​
Drawer With Thin Strips​

You have completed 90% of the job by making the DIY drawer dividers. Now, it is time to set the whole frame to the empty drawer. Cut thin strips of drawer liner to your desired size and then place them on the bottom part of the drawer.

Then place the box of diagonal drawer organizers in your office, kitchen, sock, or junk drawer.

Note: Try to complete this step quickly but carefully. If you are not fast enough, then the glue of the thin strips might get dried.

Organize As You Wish

Complete Diagonal Drawer Organizer
Setup Diagonal Drawer Organizer

Once the drawer organizer is fully set and the glue has dried, organize your drawer with whatever items you like.

Now, do you need clarification about how to organize the drawer?


Let me give you an example, then.  And Here you can find 15 clever ways how to organize kitchen utensil drawers. Lets’ continue.

If you use the kitchen drawer divider as a silverware organizer, place them according to length and size.

For instance, you can store the long silver spoons in the middle of the silverware tray, which is usually the longest part. On the other hand, you can place the measuring spoons in the shorter part. 

Let's watch the video for more ideas.


How do you make a sock drawer organizer?

Sock drawers are different from diagonal drawer organizers. They usually have small square or rectangular sections. Instead of cutting the wood pieces diagonally, you have to cut them straight and make small boxes.

Do drawer organizers save space?

Drawer organizers help to keep your utensils or stuff in an organized way. The more organized your drawer is, the more room your drawer will have. So yes, a drawer organizer saves space.

Why are drawers better than cabinets?

The reasons for claiming drawers are better than cabinets are simple. First, drawers are easy to open. Also, one can easily take the utensils out of the drawer as you get all the items together in one place. On the other hand, cabinets have two doors, which is hard to manage.

Are removable dividers good to use?

Many prefer to use a removable divider to avoid buying a silverware organizer or the hassle of making a wood drawer organizer. One benefit of using removable dividers is that you can take them off whenever you wish.

Final Words

That is all about how to build a diagonal drawer organizer. Making DIY drawer dividers is easy for wood mechanics but not simple for homeowners.

However, it is not an impossible thing to do. Now that you have read all the steps mentioned in this article, you know it is to make DIY drawer dividers. All you have to do is trust the process and follow the steps carefully.

That is all for today! Hope you have a successful journey in making a diagonal drawer organizer for your kitchen. Wish you luck!

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