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How To Organise Utensil Drawer for Easy Handling

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Organising utensils seems time-consuming, but it will make most of your work easy in the future. Many users have typical questions on how to organise utensil drawer to eliminate everyday messes. 


The utensils you regularly need, like a fork, spoon, spatula, etc., should be kept in hand. You have to buy different organising drawer boxes to re-arrange your kitchen drawers. 


There are many tips and ways that you can apply to organize your drawer. We will walk you through all the possible ways to decorate kitchen utensils and drawers. Let’s discuss it.

5 Steps To Follow To Organise Utensils Drawer Appropriately

A perfect plan can keep you one step ahead of others. If you’re planning to organised kitchen utensils, then follow the below steps include: 

Step 1: Empty The Drawer 

First, empty the utensil drawer. It will let you work properly. Bring out the utensils one by one. Wipe off the drawer to clean the dirt and grease in it. 

Step 2: Measure The Drawer Size

Second, measure the drawer size with a measuring tape. Take a clean and exact drawer space for re-arranging your kitchen stuff. A big compartment kitchen drawers divided into 2–3 sections. 


This little drawer can keep many gigantic kitchen tools like butter knives, steak knives, wooden spoons, and others. So, measure the drawer size and divide it into different sections to keep the more organised box in it. 


Step 3: Decide What To Keep In Each Drawer

Unlike many kitchen utensils sets, you can find different organised kitchen baskets and drawers to store your regular cooking utensils. Before you proceed, decide what to keep in each drawer section. 


If your kitchen has 3–5 drawers with a well-organised interior cupboard, make sure to enjoy 100% of their benefits. You can list what you need for regular use, weekly to monthly, or occasionally. Make a note like this:

Regular Used Kitchen Utensils

Weekly Used Kitchen Utensils

Monthly Used Kitchen Utensils

Yearly Used Kitchen Utensils

Serving dishes

Silverware sets

Glass hanger, knife sets

Pressure cooker, rice cooker, induction cooking stoves

Kitchen Appliances

Storage solution

Plastic plates rack

Big frying pan, spatula

Silverware dishes

Dish cleaning tools

Hot pads

Curry pot, Rice cooker

Stove utensils


trivets, oven washing liquid

Cookies pot

Wooden spoons

Dishwashing liquid

Oven mitts

Frying pan and lid

Steak knives

Chips, snacks, chocolates

Meat graders, knives, chopping knives, sets

Kitchen towel, sink cleansing liquids, and tools

Pens, scissors, Spatula, gloves

Grocery items

Plastic storage bags

Desert serving dishes, plates, cups, costly dinner set

Spice boxes, forks, knives, and spoons

Nuts, Lentil, rice flour

Monthly snack items

Forks, spoons, and knives

Measuring cups

Salt, sugar, knives

Whisks, cake-making tools

Laundry items, chimney cleansing tools, etc.

Kitchen Utensil Organizer for Kitchen Drawers

Step 4: Organise Your Tools According To Need


After separating each of the kitchen tools, decide by yourself where to put the accessories properly. Please organise them according to your needs.  


Put stove utensils nearby, keep silverware near the stove, place all the kids’ stuff into a low drawer, etc.


Step 5: Put A Small Basket/ Box To The Drawer 


Organise your cooking utensils by putting them in a small basket/box. Put a box inside the drawer organisers to keep small elements like lighter, kitchen towels, etc. 

Take your silverware drawer inside the kitchen cabinet to decorate it properly.

Some Tips for Assemble Drawer Layout

Herein are some tips for assembling drawer layouts, which we collected from different kitchen utensil reviews.

It is suitable for storing large-shaped items like spatulas, tongs, whisks, etc.

Use Individual Plastic Trays:

We also know some of the best black silverware reviews that individual plastic trays can be arranged with a lot of stuff. 

Individual plastic trays can save up extra space to store gadgets like spoons, plates, kitchen towels, etc. 

Buy Some Larger Plastic Bins:

You can buy some larger plastic bins to manage some extra space. A medium-sized basket can easily be kept inside the setting table. Those baskets are also worthy to use as a utensil organiser. 

Everything can be kept inside the basket according to your choice, from kid’s dishes to food storage containers. Most kitchen baskets are top-notch things to decorate snacks and other grocery items. 

Make Barrier with Cards:

It is a unique technique to organise your kitchen goods. To arrange this method, you need to collect some bamboo cards, which will be used to make a barrier between every item in the drawer. 

Make a barrier with bamboo cards to separate each item. But remember that this method is only suitable for the vast, spacious drawer. Using this method will only work for small kitchen drawers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Arrange Cooking Utensils In A Modern Kitchen?

To arrange cooking utensils in a modern kitchen, hang measuring cups on a pegboard, put the Mason jars in a drawer, and set up the cooking utensils in a big crock. Besides, you can arrange knives onto the knife stripboard.

What Type Of Clothes Can I Put In Each Kitchen Drawer?

You can put a standard paper towel in each kitchen drawer. It will keep your utensils safe and secure, especially glass-made kitchen sets, including spoons, spatulas, plates, frying pans, etc.

What Are The 5 Basic Type Table Settings?

There are 5 basic types of table sets available, including basic table setting, informal to formal table setting, five-course type table settings, and buffet table settings. These table setups are recommended to be maintained when necessary.

Final Wrap

Organising a utensil drawer is a simple yet effective way to enhance efficiency in the kitchen and create a more visually appealing space. 


Regularly decluttering and reassessing the drawer’s contents will help you adapt to changing needs. 


Ensuring that only essential items are kept in the drawer is recommended. You may now learn how to organise utensil drawers from our above guidance. 


An organised kitchen drawer saves time and reduces frustration in the kitchen. Periodic assessment will help you to finish cooking on time. Conduct each method from our above guidance to enjoy the advantage in hand.

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