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How To Organize Kitchen Utensils: The Best Way

Organizing all your kitchen utensils in a well-mannered manner gives a satisfactory experience from wasting time on re-organized things after use. Make your kitchen countertop manageable with little kitchen stuff. 


Sometimes, we make our kitchen drawer junk by buying double utensils. From my many years of experience, I need help properly organizing my kitchen utensils. 


But finally, it helped me a lot to find a well-suited way to organize kitchen utensils. Many people like me may experience such trouble, so I added my strategy here. 


Here, you’ll get an appropriate guide on how to organize kitchen utensils and what to put in and out. Let’s take a quick glimpse at it.

9 Important Strategy To Organize Kitchen Utensils To Look Less Messy

All kitchen organizing ideas are only good for some sizes and patterns. Your big-sized kitchen may have many kitchen utensils that need different organizing strategies. 

Meanwhile, the idea you have applied for the big-sized kitchen would be better for something other than a small-sized one. In that case, you need to develop new ideas to adequately store all the necessary kitchen tools. 

Here are some strategies that suit small and large kitchen apartments for organized kitchen cabinets.

organized kitchen utensils drawer

Plan Your Cooking Utensils Collection 

One of the most terrific reasons our kitchen needs more space to keep everything is proper planning and organizing tools. You might buy new things to make your cooking time faster, but you should remember to plan their adequate organization. 

You will feel disturbed finding necessary things when you need them most. To get rid of it, planning your kitchen utensils is essential. Minimize the use of utensils that aren’t necessary right now. 

Distinguished Kitchen Utensils into Categories 

Make a short list of things you need most when cooking. Put these things into the kitchen drawer. You can add little jars or containers to store small stuff to save some drawer space

Similarly, you have to distinguish between the large and small. Keep the small pieces of kitchen utensils aside, and then keep the larger ones on another side. You can follow the zigzag method to organize the cooking tools.

Zone Utensils That Suits Best for Kitchen 

After categorizing your kitchen utensils like wooden spoons, everyday use stainless steel utensils set, bowls, plates, forks, etc. you need to find an accurate way to find them. 

Fix a suitable zone where you can easily store your utensils to use them when needed most. 

Store The Utensils in A Permanent Drawer, Which Used Rarely 

Store your kitchen utensils in a permanent drawer organizer to make your cooking duration permanent. It is a great idea to organize a kitchen cabinet for a small kitchen

Check your cooking items one by one and categorize them. For example, if you don’t need cooking equipment like baking utensils, grilled utensils, seasonal tools, etc.

 store them inside the deepest part of your kitchen utensil drawer. You can keep them outside the kitchen in the cupboard, on the side table, etc.

Use A Divider to Keep the Utensils Drawer Neat

Use dividers to keep utensils in your kitchen. Some kitchen utensils reviews reveal this method, which is a game changer. Kitchen drawer dividers are a great storage idea for stocking extra-long items such as salad dishes, large wood spoons, rolling pins, etc. 

When you place them on the internal chest of drawer dividers, your kitchen looks neat and clean. A kitchen organizer is also great for finding out what you need most while cooking quickly.

Choose Countertop Crock for Regular Used Utensils 

This idea relieves me of finding out my most used utensils quickly. You cannot imagine how effective this idea is! Utensils and crock should be kept bare to display regular cooking tools, spoons, and spatulas

It is essential for organizing the best stainless steel utensils, which get tarnished or black if not used frequently. You can keep 2-3 glass-made jars or containers over the countertop for keeping wooden spatula, whisk and other kitchen appliances.

Buy Hanging Utensils Holder 

Buy some hanging organizers for your kitchen. Those things give you more versatility in positioning utensils. Different hang utensils like whisk, silverware spoons, bowls, and frying pans can easily hang on them. 

It not only provides your kitchen premises with an elegant, tidy look but also saves some space for another kitchen organizer. Hang utensils often seem overcrowded while kept in the drawer. You can buy a utensil holder

Meanwhile, you should pick utensils which have holes in their handles. Most utensils that don’t have a hole can be stored in a basket or held in silverware. 

Organize The Utensils Vertically 

Kitchen utensils can be arranged vertically. This way, you can minimize the bother of finding a place for each item to organize your utensils drawer

Consider storing the item vertically instead of horizontally, especially if you have a deep, narrow drawer. Conduct some vertical-shaped drawer liners with heavy-bottomed trays, glass jars, and weighty containers to increase the overall weight of the base. 

It will later help prevent unexpected incidents like falling over, breaking, etc., whenever you open and close the door. You can use different organizer kitchen-friendly baskets to make it handier.

Think Twice Before Buying New

At the beginning of my writing, I clarified that you should give up buying the same utensils twice. This habit poses a threat to organizing ideas for kitchen tools. If you have one stainless steel spoon or pot, you should refrain from repurchasing them by overthinking. 

Buying similar things twice will block the place for other utensils. This is why you should analyze all your kitchen utensils, from hooks to crannies. After that, you need to make a list which you are likely to buy for many days.

different type of kitchen kitchen utensils

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Way To Store Kitchen Utensils?

A pegboard or knife strike is the best way to store kitchen utensils. These two are working great since they increase the beauty of your house and keep it visually appealing in front of the guests.

How Do I Organize Table Settings?

You can easily organize the table setting by placing spoons and forks on the left and knives, plates, and dishes on the right. Place the dish bowls curry bowls in front of the middle to organize your table settings properly.

How do you organize the kitchen in a standard manner?

To organize the kitchen, empty cabinets, drawers, and other things. Then, place and decorate all the utensils one after one according to the correct size and usage.

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Final Thought

You may have gotten proper ideas on how to organize kitchen utensils now. Apply these above tactics to make your kitchen a more beautiful, elegant and comfortable place for cooking. 


After re-organizing your kitchen utensils like this, you won’t need to look forward to other ways anymore. Your kitchen premises have left some more space, which other essential things can cover afterward. 


Besides, have a soft towel to clean the kitchen counter. Don’t hesitate to keep the utensils on the rack or drawer after cooking. It will help a lot to kill valuable time of yours.

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