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15 Clever Ways How To Organize Kitchen Utensil Drawers

How To Organize Kitchen Utensil Drawers
Organize Kitchen Utensil Drawers

If you have more kitchen utensils, they may quickly fill up your kitchen drawer space. Knives, wooden spoons, whisks, and other items can fill up the kitchen drawer so fast. They are essential items that’s why we cannot throw them away, For this reason If you need to learn How To Organize Kitchen Utensils Drawers. You need to know the perfect place to set up.

Using these simple and attractive organizing solutions, have your kitchenware organized once and for all. And you will get to know how to use a utensil drawer.

What are the Kitchen Drawer Organizers?

The kitchen tools known as kitchen drawer organizers are made to assist users in organizing drawers and storing kitchenware in a designated location. 


Kitchen settings, both commercial and home, employ drawer dividers.


Utensils can be divided, messes can be organized, and the kitchen can be kept neat using kitchen drawer dividers. Spices, knives, coffee, tea, and lids may all be classified using kitchen drawer dividers. For different sizes, tools, and stuff like small things to set this, you need kitchen drawer organizer ideas.


Users may do kitchen duties more quickly and effectively using kitchen drawer dividers. Different-sized sections on kitchen drawer dividers may accommodate various culinary utensils. 


Kitchen drawer dividers come in multiple sizes and materials to accommodate different-sized drawers.

Benefits of Kitchen Drawers Organizers ideas

The benefits of kitchen drawer organizers are listed below. So look and select the top kitchen drawer organizer based on your preferences and needs.


    • It saves waste and costs.
    • Beautiful in look
    • Effective space for storing
    • Allow you to arrange your meals.
    • Safety
    • It helps children become more accountable and disciplined.
    • Avoid extra items.
    • Help to reduce junk drawers.
    • What you have or need is visible.

14 Clever Ways How To Organize Kitchen Utensil Drawers

The list of Easy Ways How To Organize Kitchen Utensil Drawers

1. Make Your Own Rotating Equipment Caddy

Ever had an idea for something you wanted or needed but couldn’t find it in a store?


Using a wooden circle (a lazy susan) and stylish stainless steel cups, you can make your own rotating utensil caddy.

This is very simple to make because the stainless steel cups may be glued to the top of the utensil caddy. Awesome, no?

2. Ideas for Cabinet Door Organization

You can use  the vertical space that is unutilized in your kitchen? 


Store your utensils inside the cabinet door to save room in the drawers. Your cooking utensils may be hung here, which is truly the ideal location. 

You may add wooden spice racks for some of your favorite spices, like parsley, garlic, and onion powder. What a great concept!

3. A kitchen pegboard organizer

Your kitchenware and other small items may be hung on the wall using a pegboard. This is a fantastic method to make room in your cupboards and drawers!


You’ll need a sheet of chipboard, which you can buy from your local hardware store and paint any color you choose.

Pegboard hooks are also necessary for hanging your kitchenware, but count them out in advance to avoid having to go back to the store. Isn’t this a great way to save some space?

4. Installed Rotating Lazy Susan Under Your Cabinet

Use a spinning Lazy Susan under your cabinet to hang and arrange your utensils. It is simple to turn and obtain what you want. 

Nobody likes to spend time searching through drawers, so stop doing that. Diagonal drawers are another tool you may use to maximize your drawer space. 

They allow you room for additional length!

5. A Retro Crock Utensil Holder

This idea for a utensil crock is fantastic since it would make a wonderful housewarming present. Use a cookie jar with your favorite cookie recipe written to store your utensils. 

This would be an excellent personal present to give or pass on to your kids at Christmas. 

You might fill your crock to contain your dishes with several favorite recipes—a fantastic technique to maintain cleanliness.

6. Bamboo Canister Towel Bar

Alternately, use a towel bar and canisters to store several utensils. Gorgeous! Most people prefer to keep their countertops clear of clutter, but if your walls are empty, this can be a perfect choice. 

You can purchase a few basic materials at your neighborhood Lowe’s or Home Depot, and installation is not too difficult. The outcome is stunning beyond words!


    • Three 24′′ towel bars
    • Holders for bamboo utensils
    • Rings for metal shower curtains
    • Energy drill

In order to hang the towel bars on the wall, make sure the screws you use go into studs. This utensil holder’s weight will be properly supported if it is secured to studs.

Using this idea for storing utensils with some flower designs is beautiful. I can’t wait to begin working on this for my kitchen.


7. Construct Drawer Dividers for Utensils from Scratch

Need help discovering drawer dividers that work for you? Build your own to fit your particular utensils. You’d be surprised at how very simple it is! 

Simple hobby wood pieces, carpenters, glue, and wax paper were used for this (to protect the drawer while drying). After finishing the project, you may line your drawer with your preferred liner.

8. Set utensils for small spacese

Hang your Utensils on the wall or inside cabinet doors.

You may attach a magnetic strip beside which to hang your knives to make it easier to access anything. 

This option is advantageous if your kitchen has a limited number of drawers since hanging utensils on the wall may save a lot of room. Your messy drawer organized a utensil drawer with measuring cups, to set the kitchen cabinets first place handy tools slide box. then make space.

Your hand towels can be hung on a wall hook or two, among other things. This is such a fantastic concept for little kitchens.

9. Beautiful Tin Can Organizers for Utensils

Tin cans that will contain utensils should be cleaned and painted. Are they not endearing? 

This may become a gratifying activity if you have clean, empty tin cans, painter’s tape, a paintbrush, and your favorite paint colors. 

Before you start, file the top edges of the cans using a metal filer since those edges will need to be smoothed off.

10. Use an old rake to arrange the utensils.

This rake utensil holder will look fantastic in a kitchen with a farmhouse theme. It helps you stay organized while giving your kitchen a charming antique appearance. 

Remember to first remove the rake handle before screwing the rake to your board.

On hanging additional objects, such as attractive potholders, you may add hooks to each side.

11. Cute Jar Utensil Holder

By clamping mason jars to a wooden board, you can create this wonderfully rustic utensil holder—a novel way to add a bit of country appeal to your area.

The weight at the front may cause it to tilt forward if you don’t hang it, so you’ll need to anchor the back with something.

You might also safely connect the wood to a wall, either in your kitchen or next to your outdoor grill.

Instead of adding silverware, you might store serving spoons and spatulas in the jars.

12. Arrange your utensils in a good drawer.

We love its deep drawer since it allows storing utensils upright—a fantastic way to utilize big drawers. 

We recently updated our kitchen, and I now have those large, deep cabinets where things always seem to get misplaced. 

Because everything would be simple to discover, cooking would undoubtedly become more enjoyable. I’m eager to get my drawer improvement project organized.

13. Convert a cheese grater into a holder for utensils

You may create a planter or a place to keep utensils by screwing a cheese grater to an old board that has been flipped upside down.

A basic hanging can have anything attached to the top or back, like a chain, rope, or piece of thread. After adding your kitchen utensils, spatulas, or even whisks, you may continue.

This may also be used to hold lovely flowers or washcloths or dish towels that have been folded up.

Additionally, it is magnetic, so you can fasten a note or even a tiny image to the outside.

14. Arrange utensils in a lovely basket

If all else fails, just put everything in a lovely basket! This is a terrific way to keep your favorite utensils close at hand while reducing the amount of clutter on your kitchen surface. 

You may incorporate other objects to keep your kitchen necessities, such as a few crocks, a chopping board, etc., depending on the design of the basket you select. 

To make it simple to get what you need, place your basket next to where you prepare meals or even close to your burner.


Accrue the necessary items:

    • A little container to keep your things
    • A crock or two to store your utensils in (you can also use glasses or mugs for this)
    • If you wish to add it to your shopping, a cutting board or two Utensils
    • And a place to put it when it’s finished.


What do you keep in the lower cabinets in the kitchen?

Cutting boards, platters, and pans are all best stored and organized in lower kitchen cabinets. In addition, you should keep kitchen equipment below the primary work area, baking sheets and mixing bowls near the stove, and cleaning materials, which are best kept beneath the sink.

Where do keep kitchen utensils belong?

Items for baking and cooking should be stored close to where you prepare food. Utensils are to be kept in the drawer that is closest to the prep area.

Glassware should ideally be kept close to the refrigerator or sink. If possible, set up a coffee or tea station near the water source with sugar, cups, and filters.

How to organize kitchen utensil drawers very easily?

Use a pegboard on the wall to hang your utensils and other small objects. This is a great way to clear out space in your drawers and cabinets! You’ll need a sheet of pegboard, which you may paint whatever color you desire and purchase from your neighborhood hardware shop.

Final Thoughts:

Use a circular basket or whatever else you have on hand instead of a rectangular one if you don’t have one. You can also alter the contents, but try to add only a few things. We learned by reading this article how to organize kitchen utensil drawers.

You do not desire a crowded appearance. This basic organizing concept is fantastic. Beautiful yet highly practical!

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