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How To Kill Flies in Trash Can: Imply 6 Methods to Kill Flies

how to kill flies in trash can
Flies in trash can

Are you tired and irritated with the buzz around your trash can? The Flies around your trash do not only buzz but also spread infestations. So, the sooner you get rid of flies, the fresher your home gets. If you are searching for how to kill flies in trash can, you will get some effective ways in this article.


Killing flies is not a big deal if you know the proper way. There are many methods, like using bug spray, garbage guard, ginger, vinegar, baking soda, essential oil, fly paper, etc., that are useful to prevent flies from trash cans.


Want to know how to kill flies in detail? If so, hold your seat tight and keep reading the article.

Why Do Trash Bins Attract Flies

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Trash can

Before you learn about the methods of killing flies, it is essential to know why they get attracted to trash bins. Knowing this will help you to understand how to avoid attracting flies to your house.


Trash cans are like a home to the flies. Female flies lay eggs and give birth to maggots on the garbage cans. Also, the food waste from the trash piles is favorite to flies and other insects. Flies love rotting food and organic matter as they help them to grow.


Moreover, certain smells from decaying matter attract flies to your trash can. So, to prevent trash cans from breeding grounds for flies, you must keep you must not leave food waste. Keep waste in small garbage bags and throw them into the outdoor trash can.

The Top 6 Effective Methods To Kill Flies In Trash Cans

Flies kills

Flies around the trash can disturb us and spreads diseases through maggot infestation. That is why getting rid of flies as soon as possible is vital. Even if you see one fly roaming around the trash can, kill it immediately to prevent new infestations.

Follow the below-mentioned methods to kill flies and make your house disease free.

Get Rid of Odors

The outdoor trash cans are filled with all types of garbage, from paper scraps to kitchen waste. Rotting meat and fish are the main attraction of flies. Odors from those elements give flies signals to swarm around your trash can.

So, you must clean the trash can to eliminate odors. Cleaning with normal dish soap will not remove the smell. You will need natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda to make your trash can odor-free.

Follow the below steps to get rid of garbage odors-

    • Firstly, make a cleaning solution by mixing water and white vinegar.
    • Then, remove the garbage bag and ensure no food scraps are left inside.
    • Spray the solution you made and let it sit for 20-30 minutes.
    • Once the solution is set properly, scrub the garbage bin thoroughly. Do not forget to scrub the garbage lid.
    • Rinse the trash can with soapy water.
    • Once you are done washing the trash can, dry it using paper towels.
    • Sprinkle one cup of baking soda (two cups for a large trash can) and keep it overnight.

The next morning you will see odors from your trash bin are gone. Now, to keep your trash cans fresh all day, you can sprinkle baking soda or add charcoal and dryer sheets whenever you take the trash out.


Use Homemade Non-Toxic Fly Killer

It is not mandatory to go through a whole garbage bin cleaning process to get rid of flies. If you do not have the time to clean your trash bins but are already fed up with the flies, do not worry because we have your back.


In such a case, you can make homemade non-toxic fly deterrents to deter flies from your home and surrounding area. These fly killers are totally safe and non-toxic to humans. You can also use them if flies are swarming around the trash cans inside your house.


You can make two types of Non-toxic fly killers. Check what ingredients you have in your house and choose any of them suitable for you. The process of making them is mentioned below-


Solution Made with Essential Oil

There is no doubt about how beneficial essential oil is for humans. However, they are enemies to flies. Flies cannot tolerate the presence of essential oils and always avoid areas with essential oils.


Take a spray bottle and pour ten drops of essential oil into it. Add 2 oz of warm water and mix it well. Spray the mixture around the area of your trash cans. It will kill the house flies and prevent new infestations.


Note: Try to use lemongrass essential oil. It works best on the flies.


Solution Made with apple cider vinegar.

If you run out of essential oils in your house, use apple cider vinegar instead. Mix water, dish soap, and apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Keep the bowl around the trash can.

This solution kills flies by making them drown in the bowl. How is it possible? 


Well, it is possible due to the strong sweet smell of apple cider vinegar. The smell attracts flies, and once they are attracted, they fall into the bowl as the soap breaks the surface tension.


Using A Garbage Guard

To kill insects and fruit flies and prevent them for a long time, there is no alternative to using a garbage guard. The garbage guard kills flies and maggots slowly by releasing insecticides through an odorless vapor. It releases deep penetrating vapor for at least four months, and with this inside the trash can, flies cannot lay eggs.


The installation method of garbage guard in trash bins are easy. All you have to do is open the adhesive strip of the garbage guard and attach it to the trash can lid. Remember, garbage guards, are only outdoor trash cans. They are not safe to install inside your house.


Use Bug Spray to Eliminate Flies

If the flies swarming gets out of hand, and you want to kill them instantly, using a chemical bug spray will save time and effort. Bug spray contains permethrin in it, which kills flies instantly.


However, ensure you do not inhale the spray because the chemicals inside the spray are not good for you either. You might face light breathing problems if you somehow inhale the spray. So, always use a mask or other protective gear before using bug spray.


Make Ginger Spray

Ginger is another great natural ingredient that helps to get rid of flies. Mix some ginger powder with water and give it a good shake. Once they are mixed well, spray the solution directly on the flies around the garbage disposal. The strong spicy flavor of the ginger will help you get rid of flies.


Use Fly Paper

Flypaper is a sticky paper that attracts pests and traps them. Take a fly paper and place it near the trash can. After a few hours, you will see that flies are stuck on the paper and unable to move.


Once you see all the flies stuck to the paper, throw out the paper in the trash can. So, using fly paper is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent flies from trash bins.

Things to Do After Killing Flies From Trash Bin

Once you get rid of flies around your trash can, you must follow some steps to prevent the flies from returning.


Kill The Maggots

If there are maggots in your trash can, you must kill them. Eliminating the flies will not help if you do not kill the maggots. Because maggots will attract more flies even after you kill the existing flies.

The easiest way to kill maggots is to pour boiling water on them. Make sure the boiling water hits every part of the trash can having maggots.


Tie The Garbage Bags

Do not keep the food waste open because flies love food scraps and gather whenever they find food. So, to avoid flies from coming to your house put the waste in the trash bag and tie the bag tightly.


Use Trash Can Liner

Put a trash liner on the bottom to avoid molds in your trash bin. Molds from the cans attract flies. So, the liner will help to soak the moisture and prevent molds from attacking the trash can.


Use Biodegradable Garbage Bags

It is important to keep your trash bin dry so that there is no strong odor to attract pests and flies. The biodegradable trash bags trap the rotting food’s moisture and keep the trash can dry.

Let's watch the video that's how to kill flies in trash can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What smell will keep flies away?

Some ingredients are effective in keeping the flies away from your trash can. They are eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and essential oil made of lemongrass. Spray them around the trash can to remove odor and deter flies.


What kills the flies fastest?

Chemical bug sprays are the fastest method of killing flies. When the toxic chemicals touch the flies, it instantly kills them. Also, household cleaners and hairsprays help to kill flies within a short time.


What makes flies go away naturally?

Many do not like to kill flies, so they prefer to make them go away naturally. To do this, you can use natural ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, basil, cucumber peels, pine, mint, rosemary, marigolds, lavender, etc. They are popular for use as fly repellents.

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That is all about how to kill flies in trash can. Thank you for staying till the end of the article! Now that you have read all the methods, you will be able to get rid of flies in no time.

Remember, flies around your trash bin are not good for your health. It takes a few minutes for the flies to spread repulsive infestations. 


Now, start by washing and disinfecting your trash bin with vinegar and baking soda. However, if you want to kill flies without washing the trash can, use homemade remedies, fly paper, and other traps.

We hope the methods mentioned in this article will help you eliminate pesky flies. Try the tips and thank us later!

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