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How To Hide Trash Cans in Kitchen?12 Creative Solutions

How To Hide Trash Cans In Kitchen
Trash Cans In Kitchen

Trash cans are dirty and poorly displayed inside or outside the kitchen. You may always love to hide them, but the maximum time will be revealed by the newcomers at your home, whether it’s your special guest or closest relative.

Trash cans are cumbersome because they produce bad odors and inappropriate appearance. So, how to hide trash cans in kitchen? It is easy when you are more skilled and strategic. 


I know how difficult it is to find a place to hide such a bad trash can in your kitchen. If it has already spoiled the beauty of your darling kitchen, this article can help you a lot. We research some interior design and discover some excellent places where you can easily hide your kitchen trash can. Stay with us to learn more.

Descriptions Of 12 Prominent Ways of Hiding Trash Can in The Kitchen

Let’s explore 10 prominent and excellent ways of hiding trash cans in the kitchen. There, you have some clever ways to hide trash cans intellectually.

How to Hide Trash Cans in Kitchen Cabinet:

How to Hide Trash Cans In Kitchen Cabinet
Trash Cans In Kitchen Cabinet

You probably don’t like this idea, but it is the most efficient way of hiding trash cans in a kitchen. Your kitchen may be surrounded by three cabinets. Choose only the last one. Set up the kitchen trash can inside of it.

Then, pull out the cabinet door whenever you need to throw away the garbage. You can store it again whenever your cooking is finished. Arranging the trash cans in the kitchen cabinet will also help prevent night messes from rats, cats, or insects.

Add Trash Compactor:

Add Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor

Use a trash compactor to minimize the actual size of the garbage can. It works to accommodate more garbage in one trash can. In this way, your kitchen will be saved from buying one or two more kitchen cans in the future. Besides, when you hide this can in a trash compactor, no one will notice them.

Buy A Small Trash Can:

small trash can
small trash can

Try to buy a small trash can, which is very hard to see from your kitchen counterpart. Most kitchen trash comes in standard size and has a lot of space inside. Choose one for your kitchen if you don’t need to collect huge amounts of garbage daily.

Hide It Beside The Island:

Conceal the trash can beside your kitchen island. It’s a wonderful way to hide the kitchen trash can without sacrificing the space of the counter space.

Use A Trash Can Which Isn't Look Like A Trash Can At All:

trash can
trash can

Another best way to hide a kitchen trash can is by purchasing a kitchen trash can that doesn’t look like one. Unlike any kitchen countertop or interior, trash cans are available in different sizes and styles. You can select anyone that looks like a basket or kitchen accessories but not like a garbage collector. Pick the same color as your kitchen wall or counter spaces.

Opt For An Extra Corner Cabinet For Trash:

Use a particular or extra corner for keeping a drawer cabinet. This sort of cabinet is available to online shops to hide the trash can secretly. You can store this corner cabinet beside the kitchen counter space. It looks like any ordinary cabinet, so the actuality of your Darling kitchen would be maintained.

Use Hangbin Asap:

This idea is only for the smallest kitchen if you have any. The smallest or short kitchen has less space to keep a trash can. In this situation, you can hang your trash can over the kitchen door like any crate and barrel. It is an awesome idea to hide the kitchen trash, and it’s super easy to access.

Crafts Your Old Kitchen Trash Can:

Do these tricks if you’re worrying about hiding the kitchen trash can to save some space. You can use your old trash can beside the new one by following simple hacks. Pick your unused kitchen trash can and paint it on your own. Your chosen color can be similar to that of your kitchen trash cans. Trash cans are very long and wide. You can use a flat brush to paint it promptly.

Put Them In A Large Basket:

One of the great ideas to hide the trash cans in the kitchen is buying a large basket. Sometimes, you need 1-2/ more baskets for storing the garbage separately. Most houses find this sort of act helpful since they can separately store garbage without any messes. If you need 1-2 or more trash cans, place them in a large basket beside the kitchen. You can keep this basket inside the cabinet to hide it from others.

Add A Wine/Whiskey Barrel:

Whiskey Barrel in trash can
Whiskey Barrel in trash can

You can take help from a wine barrel to achieve a real rustic look. This one is useful if you still determine where it could fit. You can adjust and add this type of wine barrel to convert it into a normal trash can. Just use this barrel without a lid.

Try Out A Tilt:

If you have some good skills in crafting, then this idea will work for you. Hiding your trash can under the tilt is also useful for those who don’t have enough or extra cabinetry to use. Please put it in a tilt and then drag the tilt door whenever you wish.

Conceal Them With A Lift-Top Box:

Conceal the trash cans with the help of a lift-top box. This is the most popular and stand-alone option to vanish the garbage cans in your kitchen. You only need to collect some old used doors from the garage and a wooden bookshelf. Collect them and use a hammer, screwdriver, and nails to convert these parts into a wooden trash can shape or, like any lift top box. Store them in the kitchen entrance.

9 Key Benefits of Using Trash Cans or Garbage Cans:

benefits of using trash can
Benefits of using trash can
  1. Reduce Bad Odors: A well-manufactured garbage can is essential to reduce bad odors and to keep the home environment fresh and lively. 
  2. Control Leakage: A specialized garbage collector is beneficial for controlling leakage and other contagious diseases.
  3. Prevent Unnecessary Disease: Rotten food inside the trash can is secure properly, which may be why many unknown diseases occur by viruses or bacteria.
  4. Saves Space: It saves space for storing other kitchen appliances. 
  5. Great To Enhance Beauty Of Kitchen: Garbage cans are usually made with plastic, stainless steel, or wood, which look great for enhancing the beauty of your kitchen premises. 
  6. Easy To Carry: Trash bins are easy to carry anywhere from the kitchen. For this reason, you can throw away the garbage outside without any hassle. 
  7. Prevent Pet Messes: If you have a pet cat or dog at home, trash cans help prevent unnecessary messes in your kitchen. When you hide them in a particular place, your pet will not get a chance to spoil them. 
  8. Steadfast Cleaning Task: It supports your daily cleaning task. When you are collecting everyday garbage in it, there is little left behind all of your home residences. Therefore, finishing the regular cleaning becomes far easier without much energy and effort. 
  9. Good Option For Keep Environment Hygienic: Many trash cans are useful for their recycling traits. Almost every house has two cans for recycling with a tag of blue and red. Blue is for collecting recyclable garbage, and red is for non-recyclable garbage. In that case, you can tell it’s a good friend for keeping the home environment hygienic and safe for life.

Watch the video and learn how to hide trash cans in kitchen?


What Is The Best Place To Hide A Kitchen Trash Can?

The best place to hide the kitchen trash can is under the kitchen sink. This place will keep the trash can hidden, reduce odors, and help keep the environment fresh and sweet. 

Why Do I Have To Cover Trash Cans Even After Hiding?

You may hide the trash can in your kitchen, but there is still a high chance that uncovered trash can produce bad odors or spread germs inside the kitchen. In that case, it is recommended to cover the trash can always. 

Can I Keep A Dustbin Inside The Kitchen?

You can keep red, yellow, and green dustbins inside or outside the kitchen to collect regular vegetable peels, meat waste, polythene bags, plastics, cans, and other garbage. But make sure to set them beside the kitchen counter space. Position them in the south, east, or west direction. 

How Can I Make My Kitchen Trash Can Better?

It often depends on your crafting skills. You can use paints, a privacy screen, and old, unused, broken furniture parts to make them look better and fabulous. You can get help from DIY experts if you can’t do so. 

What To Do If My Kitchen Have Much Space For Hide Trash Can?

There are several ways to make your small kitchen worthy to hide trash cans. You can customize an extra cabinet drawer to hide the can or buy a big basket with a cover to hide it. 

What Can I Do To Reduce Bad Smells From The Trash Can?

Pour baking soda or mild dishwasher powder over the can before throwing it in the garbage. After replacing it on the outside dustbin, clean the trash can with mixed baking soda and vinegar water.

Final Wrap

Before wrapping up this chapter, I hope all the information above may help you understand how to hide trash cans in kitchen. A cabinet drawer under the kitchen sink is the most recommended way to hide a trash can. Besides, you can use pull-out systems and decorative screens to conceal it. 


Whatever style you’ve chosen for hiding the trash can, remember to keep them clean always. After all, our ultimate goal to hide them is to achieve a fresh, hygienic environment in our house.


Suppose you still need clarification or have not decided where to hide them. In that case, it’s better to consult any interior designer. Sometimes, they can help you to customize a specific place to hide the trash cans easily.

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