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How To Keep Maggots Out Of a Trash Can?[In-Depth Guidance]

How To Keep Maggots Out Of Trash Can
Keep Maggots Out Of Trash Can

If you have to maintain a large family, you mostly don’t have time to clean the bin or trash at your home. That’s why maggots crawl inside the trash easily and make the trash can nasty. Do you want to know how to keep maggots out of a trash can? 


Maggots are the tiny critters from the rotten foodstuff you throw into the can. Getting rid of this larva is complicated but possible. All you need to do is use insecticide, spray bleach, all-purpose cleaners, etc. However, you can also clean larvae by maintaining some preventive ways. 


Check the following methods: I added practical ways to keep larvae out of the trash can. Below, you’ll also get some prevention tips and benefits.

7 Effective Ways To Keep Maggots Out Of the Trash Cans

You can try the following remedies to kill the maggots from the trash can. All these methods are proven to get rid of maggots.

Ways 1: Using Insecticide

Using Insecticide

One of the most effective ways of killing maggots is using insecticide. You can get help from pyrethrum dish soap, which is proven to kill flies‘ eggs. On the other hand, you can be beneficial through borax, which is also very efficient in destroying the eggs. 


Dog or pet shampoos are the best alternative for killing lice and scabies. The method of using an insecticide is quite simple. Pour one part of the shampoo with four parts of water. Mix it well and spray it all over the trash can. Allow 30 minutes to seat the chemical properly to get better effects.

Ways 2: Spraying Bleach

Spraying Bleach
Spraying Bleach

If you have a large trash can or bin, prepare a spray bleach. This solution is excellent for TuffBox Kodiak 243-gallon trash and other big cans. Pour some water into a bottle and mix half the bleach in it. It may cause fumes; wait for a while. 

Maggots can easily lay their eggs if you do not clean the can thoroughly. Pour the solution on it and wash it off with another dose of bleach. Leave the solution to sit for at least 30 minutes. It will diminish the return of the larvae.

Ways 3: Take Help From Carburetor Cleaner

Carburetor Cleaner

Take help from a carburetor cleaner. The cleaning solution inside the carburetor cleaner is powerful for killing maggots. Mix one cup of carburetor cleaner with 2 gallons of water. Hot water is also very effective in that case. Use only a lesser cleaning agent for a smaller trash bag. Be aware not to mix the chemical with other cleaning solutions.

Ways 4: All-Purpose Cleaning Solutions

Clean the larvae in the trash can with your home cleaning product like toilet cleaner, hairsprays, or antiperspirants. Add one part of the cleaning solution to four parts of boiling water. Pour these solutions all over the trash can. Then, spray with the help of a spray bottle with the mixture. Wait and wipe it away.

Ways 5: Try Out Some Natural Remedies

Try out some natural remedies. You can choose anything that you need to. Natural home remedies are great for killing maggot infestations safely. Chemical ingredients that kill larvae could be a reason for your suffering from many unknown diseases later. 


In that case, please buy diatomaceous earth. It helps you to eliminate the foul odor of maggots. Again, the cinnamon powder with water and Vinegar mixed with hot water is another best solution to prevent infestations later. It will let you kill the maggots in your garbage can.

Do Maggots In Garbage Can Bleach?

Both hot water and bleaching powder could give you a crystal clear effect and help to clean the trash can. Bleach is a potent cleaning agent that enormously helps to redeem the odors of rotting food


Let me tell you, what’s the work of bleach here? While you’re mixing bleach and hot water, it will produce fumes. These fumes are most effective for controlling the maggots and disinfecting trash areas.

Can Ammonia kill Maggots?


You just need some quarter parts of Ammonia to kill grubs. All you need to do is fill the trash can with Ammonia and water. Leave that mixture for at least 2–5 minutes. If you want, you can take more time. It depends on the larvae and the period of the trash can’s cleaning duration. Drain the Ammonia fill water outside and then towel dry the can inside.

Can Salt Kill Maggots?


Of course, salt can kill maggots. Salt is a natural dehydrator and works excellently to clean food waste residues. You need to use the right amount of salt and water to disinfect the trash or cans. Salt kills the bacterial effects and the eggs of adult flies. On the other hand, you can add some salt and bleaching powder to strengthen the cleaning procedures.

Does Vinegar kill Maggots?


Yes, you are capable of killing maggots by using Vinegar. It’s a contemporary and safe process. You must prepare a solution by mixing boiling water with one part of Vinegar.

While using Vinegar, make sure to clean the trash thoroughly. If there is any residue, the vinegar will not work correctly. If you have any outdoor trash filled with junk, you must throw away all the dirt. Then, pour some apple cider vinegar here. Rinse the can thoroughly with that, and you’re done.

Some Preventive Ways To Stop Maggots In Trash Cans

As per the experience of the experts, you can remove all the larvae from the trash can through the following tips. Let’s take a look. 


    • Try to purchase better-sealed trash containers. 
    • Don’t underestimate the quality of the garbage bags
    • Eliminate the rotten food from the garbage and learn to separate them from the trash can
    • Limit the duration of meat scraping inside the garbage
    • Rinse the can thoroughly once a week or even a month later

FAQs for how to keep maggots out of a trash can?

How Do I Stop Maggots In My Bin?

You can quickly stop maggots from regressing in your bin through Vinegar, salt, or even baking soda. You can also use any artificial cleaning solutions to prevent them from reusing.

Why Can My Trash Keep Getting Maggots?

It happens because the flying larva requires some space that needs to warm. It has been enclosed for protection and needs food. Suppose you’re lifting a half-eaten food into the garbage can. The flies will start to attack that particular foodstuff to lay eggs. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Maggots In My Trash Naturally?

The simplest and quickest way of getting rid of maggots naturally is by using Vinegar and warm water. If it doesn’t work, you can move on to other alternatives. 

Does Salt Kill Maggots In A Trash Can?

A combination of salt and water solutions will effectively kill the larvae. It will help kill the foodstuffs and other residues from the trash can.

Final Wrap

In conclusion, keeping a trash can out of maggots involves a combination of proactive measures and consistent maintenance. By employing strategies such as using tightly sealed trash cans, double-bagging odorous waste, proper disposal of food scraps, and regular cleaning, you can create a less attractive environment for flies and their larvae. 


You can prevent trash can infestations by keeping the area around your trash cans clean, using natural repellents, and asking for professional help. Remember that diligence is essential; adopting these practices can keep maggots out of your trash and maintain a cleaner, more hygienic living space.

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