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What Size Trash Can for Kitchen: Pick The Suitable One for You.

what size trash can for kitchen
Trash can for kitchen

Do you know what size trash can for kitchen is perfect? Many people buy a kitchen trash can without thinking about the size. But it is a huge mistake to make as a homeowner.


The size of your kitchen trash can always differ from your bedroom, office, or bathroom trash cans. You must buy the right size trash can to keep your kitchen clean and odor-free.


People go through many hassles while selecting the proper size trash cans for their kitchen. But choosing the right size kitchen trash can is easy if you know the tricks. For example, if you know the kitchen size and how much trash you produce, you can easily determine the perfect kitchen trash can size.


Some other factors also play an essential role in determining the trash can sizes for your kitchen. Sit tight and continue reading this article to learn how to choose the perfect kitchen trash can.

Ways To Determine The Perfect Size Of Trash Cans For Your Kitchen

Different size Trash Cans
Different size Trash Cans

Buying the right kitchen trash can size will save you money, time, and effort. So, it is necessary to research the trash can size to buy a perfect trash can for your kitchen. 

Now, the factors mentioned below will help you determine what size trash can will best fit in your kitchen.

Production Of Garbage

The first thing you must consider is how much trash or garbage you are producing. For example, if you cook regularly at home and have many family members, the trash bags in your kitchen quickly get filled up. In that case, you must require a larger trash that can easily fit 20 gallons of garbage.


On the other hand, a smaller trash can will be ideal if you have a small family and do not need to cook a lot of food. In such a case, you can choose a trash can sizes between 12-16 gallons. Usually, the 13-gallon trash can size is the most common among households.

Your Kitchen Space

You must always consider how much space your kitchen has before bringing a trash can. The kitchen space is a big deal because an overly large trash can will just limit your small kitchen space.


There are some of the options mentioned below that you can choose if you have a small kitchen-

Under Sink Trash Can

Under-sink cabinets trash cans will be perfect if you have a small kitchen. Such trash cans will save your floor space so you can freely move in your kitchen. You can easily keep the kitchen trash can that holds up to 7-10 gallon trash under your kitchen sink.


However, keep in mind that under-sink kitchen spaces are usually 30 inches tall, so consider buying trash cans shorter than the sink cabinet. Or else you will not find any room to throw the trash in.


So, it is always best to measure the under-sink space first. If the area is bigger, it will easily fit large trash cans in a small kitchen.

Cabinet Trash Cans

It is another option where you can keep your kitchen trash can concealed without consuming your kitchen space. A conventional kitchen cabinet has a width of 12-14 inches and a height of 20 inches. This measurement easily allows to fit trash can sizes from 7-10 gallons.

Trash Can On The Kitchen Island

If you have a small kitchen but have to cook for a large family, a kitchen island trash can will save you from several hassles. You can easily keep the largest trash can sizes from 20-30 gallons inclining on the kitchen island.


However, if you have a bigger kitchen, there is no need to worry about the trash can sizes. If space is not an issue, you can buy trash can sizes depending on how much garbage you produce daily.

Recycling Food Waste

Recycling is a significant factor you must consider before determining the kitchen trash can sizes. Now you might be thinking about how recycling connects with the size of the kitchen trash cans. Well, it does have a strong connection. Let me tell you how.


The theory is that the more you recycle food waste, the smaller the garbage cans you need. You are lucky if your home area has compost curbside trash cans pick-up services! Or else you just have to put a little effort into making your compost pile to minimize trash. We suggest you find a recycling center nearest to your house.


So, if you habitually recycle your kitchen waste, a size 7-10 gallon trash can would be adequate. However, if you put other miscellaneous waste with your kitchen garbage, you must consider buying a 15-30 gallon kitchen trash can.

Size Of The Trash Bags

Different types of trash bags come in different sizes. Some people use their grocery bags as an alternative to trash bags, whereas some prefer store-purchased trash bags. What kind of trash bag do you like? Now, whatever option you choose doesn’t matter, but you have to buy a trash can with enough space for your preferable size bag of trash.


Another thing you can do is choose the trash bag size after you buy the trash can. That means determining how big or small a trash can you need and then buying the trash bags per your trash can’s measurement.

How Often You Clear Your Trash Can

You must keep in mind how often you are shifting your kitchen trash to your curbside trash can. If you prefer keeping garbage in your trash can for a short time and emptying it constantly, you won’t need a larger can. In such a case, you can choose a kitchen trash can of 7-15 gallons based on the number of people in your house.


However, buy a larger trash can if you do not have enough time to clean waste and wait until more debris fills the trash can. Also, if your trash company picks up the garbage weekly, a larger can will help you in such cases.

Some Extra Tips

Once you figure out what size trash can for the kitchen you need, you will have 80% of your work done. The rest 20% is about the type of kitchen trash cans. You must also focus on the trash cans’ design and materials to find the perfect one for your kitchen.


Below are some tips that will help you to find the best kitchen trash can besides having a perfect size.

Buy Trash Cans With Lids

It does not matter whether you buy bigger or smaller trash cans; your kitchen trash cans must contain lids. Waste from food has an odor, and if they are not covered properly, it will spread throughout the kitchen. It might even lose your appetite to eat. So, trash bins with lids are a must to prevent such odors from spreading.

Buy Stainless Steel Trash Cans

An attractive stainless steel trash can will be the best option to prevent food waste liquid from leaking. You will obviously want to avoid creating a gross mess in your kitchen.


It is common for food liquid to leak from garbage bags. Now, plastic trash cans are more likely to get cracked, and this results in leaking. But if you use stainless steel trash cans, the liquid will not leak outside, and you will have a clean kitchen. More trash means a bigger trash can, and less trash means a small trash can.

Countertop Trash Cans For Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, countertop trash cans are more suitable for your kitchen. They require a small space. Also, you can buy recyclable countertop trash cans to convert kitchen waste into fertilizer. This way, there will be less waste in your kitchen trash can.


How many liters should kitchen trash be?

The usual size of a kitchen trash can is 13 gallons. If you calculate this 13 gallons in a liter, it will be approximately 50 liters. So, a standard kitchen bin size can be 50 liters.


Which is the best garbage bin to use in the kitchen?

For garbage leakage problems, garbage cans with dischargeable inner bins are preferable. Trash bins made of stainless steel are also preferred by many to avoid leakage. Also, they are easy to clean and durable.


How big is a 35-liter trash can?

A 35-liter trash can holds up to 9.3 gallons of kitchen waste. If you have a small kitchen and produce less waste, a 35-liter trash can will suit your kitchen.

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That is all about what size trash can for kitchen will suit you depending on several factors. Now that you have read the whole article, you know what size of garbage can is best for you, depending on the kitchen space and waste production.


Remember, the size of the garbage can varies depending on several factors. You must also look into your comfort. It is always best to choose what you prefer.

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