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What Size Runner for Kitchen? [Learn To Identify Right One]

Black and white kitchen rug

Having a kitchen runner at home is helpful since it covers the maximum spaces of the room, protects floors, and eliminates echoes. Also, sometimes, they add an aesthetic and colourful vibe to your kitchen.


But what size runner for kitchen? Did it ever run in your mind? Picking the right size of kitchen interior may seem difficult for you. 


However, if you’re in search of it, then switch to this article. We cover all the necessary things to consider when identifying the correct size runner for the kitchen.

Measurement Guidelines for Kitchen Runner

Before choosing a stylish rug runner for your kitchen, investing in the measurement guidelines is necessary. Without this, you may end up with an oversized, unfinished rug runner, which is disappointing. We advise you to measure the kitchen size before you go to the market. 


Use any tape measure to read the right size of your kitchen floor beside the sink. Rug runner comes in different sizes, shapes, and outlines, which vary on kitchen size, height, and others. Those rug runners are generally 2.5 inches wide to 6–8 inches long. Again, kitchen rug runners, 4×6″-6×9″, sometimes work well in the big family-size kitchen.

Traffic Patterns

The shape of any kitchen rug is essential and plays a vital role in the beauty of the kitchen rug. Its shape mainly comes in a different type of variety, including rectangular, round, square, etc.


Rectangular shape rug runner looks like any vintage kitchen appliance and fits any gigantic home or restaurant kitchen. It covered almost all areas appropriately. The rest is oval, round, and square is suitable for use in a small kitchen. 


Along with these, you will get more options from its traffic pattern, including timeless, dynamic, classic and herringbone patterns. Those patterns offer comfort and liability and lead you to enjoy your cooking every time.


These standard patterned rug runners are well-worthy for use both outdoors and indoors. They will also fit in both inside or beside the small spaces between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen sink.


Unlike any traditional floor mat, the kitchen is also made of wool, nylon, silicon, Polymer, and other materials. But wool and silicone kitchen rugs are incredible for use since they get dirty. It is always in good condition, no matter how messy your room is during the cooking period.

Personal Preferences / Colors

This kitchen comes in various sizes, shapes, and colours; you can buy any that suits your kitchen best. For choosing the perfect colour, you can get help from the interior design of your kitchen. Red, brownish-black, and blue rugs look fantastic and easily fit in any kitchen. They can also enhance the internal beauty and make your kitchen lovely.

Different Runner Sizing Options

Let’s discuss briefly some standard runner sizing options available in the market.

Colin Printed Medium Size Kitchen Rug

black color two size kitchen runner
black color two size kitchen runner

This medium size kitchen rug is usually made with polyurethane or Teflon. For the material, this kitchen rug looks pretty stunning. Coil-printed rugs are worthy to use anywhere from your kitchen to your bathroom.


Those rugs are available in different colours by which you can create your kitchen interior if you wish. They’re available in 2.5×3.4 / 5.6×6.7 in both length and width.

Small Size Kitchen Rugs

Small-size kitchen rugs are well-worthy for use in tiles, ceramic, or mosaic floors. These kitchen rags are cheap in rate and standard size and suitable for any small-sized kitchen. The available size of these rugs includes 1.4×2.5, 2.5×3.5, 4.5×5.5 etc.

Larger Size Kitchen Rugs

More oversized and big-size kitchen rugs are ideal for any commercial kitchen premises. As they’re big, they would cover all the spaces with ease. They could be used as a carpet on the floor but require only a little care, which makes them different from them.


The available sizes of oversized kitchen rugs are 9.0×10.15, 12×13, 11.5×10.13 etc. For material, those kitchen rugs are usually made of polyurethane, nylon, wool, or cotton.

off white color runner rug
Off white color runner rug

7 Tips and Recommendations to Find Out the Best Kitchen Rugs

Take help from the following tips to identify the most suitable kitchen rug for you. These tips work as an ideology for you.

Always Be Aware of The Size

Choose the size and always give preference to the standard patterns. They always come in ready-made sizes to cover and fulfil all your demands.

Check Out Potential Slips

Your kitchen rug may be wet with water or other chores like washing dishes, kitchen sink, cleaning vegetables, etc. So, pay attention to the anti-rug potential slips that prevent you from slipping on the rag.


It also keeps the rug dry even if you’re getting down a water glass or anything else accidentally. Potential declined kitchen rugs are valuable for homes that have to nurture kids and pets altogether.

Give Preference To Water-Resistant, Stain-resistant Material

rainbow color kitchen runner

Materials are essential whenever you’re planning to buy a kitchen rug. No matter how often you look after the carpets to keep them clean and tidy, stains and spills could quickly destroy them at any time.


In that case, try to choose only water-resistant and stain-resistant materials. They keep the rug as new as it was from its first purchase.

Give Preference to Cleaning

Washing the kitchen rug is a significant factor when choosing one. Kitchen rugs made with cotton flat weave are incredible for their machine-washable traits. Besides polyester, polypropylene and poly blend are stain-resistant.


But those materials are non-flammable. To get rid of it, we recommend you choose woollen kitchen rugs. Wool is worthy for the fastest water absorption and requires less time to spot clean.

Prioritize Your Comfortness

Make sure to buy a kitchen rug before the kitchen sink or cabinets. A comfortable kitchen rug will be your best bet that keeps you comfortable for standing all day long in the kitchen.


For cooking on the stove, choose an anti-fatigue type runner that is made with foam, which saves you from both back and foot pain later.

Match The Color Of Your Kitchen With Rug

When purchasing a kitchen rug, always try to match it with the colour of your wall or the wooden interior. To remove monotony, pick colourful kitchen rugs that naturally add a vintage, aesthetic outlook to your kitchen premises.

Don't Forget to Think of Your Lifestyle

Do you have kids or pets at home and worry they may damage your kitchen rug? Don’t be so panicky. There is also a solution to it. Choose kid and pet-friendly carpets that are durable but soft enough to stand or use anywhere.

bright color medium size kitchen rug
Medium size kitchen rug


What Type Of Rug Is Good For Kitchen?

Due to some exceptionality, every type of kitchen rug is suitable for use. But flat-weave rugs are more accessible for cleaning so you can choose this one.

What Is the Main Purpose of Using a Kitchen Rug?

With the help of a kitchen rug, you can protect your kitchen floor tiles floor and prevent them from spotting and spills.

Why Do My Kitchen Rug Slip On The Carpet?

It simply happens when both carpet and kitchen rugs cannot balance between them. Putting them together may retain the natural forces to work correctly, and your feet slip because of the lack of friction power.


We know kitchen rug comes in varieties, but it is easy to find a good one among them. You need to prioritize the right size and features. If you want, you can get help from our above guide about what size runner for kitchen. You knitted all the information like a spider web so that you could take advantage of it.


Besides, I would like to give you some tips before ending, which is to clean it always with lukewarm water and leave the rug in the machine, which requires machine washing.

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