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How To Choose a Kitchen Rug with Less Hassle: Let's explore

how to choose a kitchen rug

Having a perfect-sized kitchen rug is like heaven since it will make your everyday household chores more convenient. Most people need clarification about buying a kitchen rug due to a need for proper knowledge and previous experiences.


For this, many ended with horror, like trimming their kitchen rug, replacing them frequently, etc. But don’t worry! We are here for you.


We took on a project to investigate how to choose a kitchen rug quickly without any difficulties. Likewise, we will walk you through every detail of a kitchen rug choosing factors and try to introduce them briefly. 


Furthermore, we assure you after finishing this guide, you’ll learn a lot, which is enough to identify an authentic kitchen rug easily. So, let’s learn from them.

6 Important Assess That Your Kitchen Rug Must Need for Better Lives

Every kitchen requires some of the best things to look perfect, neat, and clean. The kitchen is one of them that helps to keep the floor tidy and fresh.

A rug runner can reduce the spotted floors with dirt. The soft bristles, like a woolen kitchen rug, feel very nice and comfortable on your feet while cooking beside the stove. To purchase a good, initiative, and exceptional kitchen rug, consider the following factors strictly.


Material Selection:

Material is a very important factor during the kitchen rug selection. The main reason is to ensure 100% comfortable, durable, and strengthened products. Kitchen rug material comes in different varieties. Some of them are found in cotton. 


Some come with polyester, polypropylene, wool, and natural fiber like jute, sisal, and bamboo. Cotton-made kitchen rugs are flexible, soft, and easy to clean. Again, polyester and propylene can be your best choice as they require less difficulty to clean and are popular as non-flammable materials.


Besides, natural fibers like jute, sisal, bamboo, and woolen kitchen rugs are great for durability, deeply cleansed with scrubbing, and are well-absorbent towards moisture. On the other hand, woolen rugs are incredibly awesome for the kitchen floor in cold, remote areas, as it feels like heaven on foot during the deadly foggy morning. 


Rug Size and Shape:

Another significant thing that needs to be considered is its size and shape. The size of the kitchen rug often depends on the dimensions and width of the kitchen floor. Sometimes, it varies on the per square feet of the apartment. 


In this sense, their size was categorized into three sections: large kitchen rug, medium and small kitchen rug. The large to extra-large kitchen rug is available on 3″×5″-5”×7″ per square foot.


Again, some are measured around 5’×6′ square feet on average. Semi-models and normal rug sizes can be measured about 3″×5″-2.5″×7″ on average. They can neither be extended from this size nor smaller.


However, to choose the right size, you should use the most recommended size claimed by experts, which is to leave at least an 18-inch gap between the counter space and the rug.


If you want to put one or two kitchen rugs simultaneously, these thumb rules will help you to avoid flurries.


Nowadays, people love to add 3-4 kitchen rugs for big kitchen spaces. If you’re one of them, always keep at least an 18-20 inch gap between each kitchen rug. Meanwhile, choose U-shaped 6-foot longer kitchen rugs to dismiss chaos. 


Kitchen rugs have various designs and shapes, including rectangular, round, and square shapes. Round-shaped kitchen rugs are cute and add a different interior texture to your kitchen.


Besides, rectangular and half-moon-like rugs are a good use beside the dining table. You can also use the half-moon kitchen rug in front of the sink. 


Design & Color

Thirdly, you should look for a solid color, and contemporary design when purchasing any kitchen rug. For color, you must choose light to medium highlighted colored rugs, which can be easily manageable.


Especially avoid using deep-colored kitchen rugs in high-traffic areas as they get damaged or discolored easily for heavy messes.


Deep-colored rugs like blue, red, yellow, brown, and black are suitable for special occasions. Besides, choose any soft to light color scheme kitchen rug for regular use. 


There are some more designs available in the market which you can choose by yourself. For design, kitchen rugs are wonderfully crafted with different weaving and geometrics.


Sometimes, you may find some aesthetic design while going to be buying a kitchen rug, like: 



It is a wonderful kitchen rug design combined with colorful patch boho with white color cabinets. 



Modern or semi-modern kitchen rugs are popular among users for their black and white check color. It seems like a chess game, but very impressive to enhance the beauty inside the kitchen.



You’ll buy this one if you bring different tastes to your kitchen. The contemporary design of any rug usually comes with a blue diamond pattern. Sometimes, they blend with a herringbone pattern to make it more wonderful and unique.



It is usually blocked out with farmhouse scenarios, weaving by jute or sometimes sisal. You can bring it home if you want vintage-style runners to make your kitchen more natural and extensive. 



This sort of kitchen rug runner is good for their traditional looks. Its luxurious color scheme and neutral countertops make it well-worth worthy for special occasions like weddings, Christmas, or Star Sundays. 


Maintenance & Cleaning Facts

The care you should take after purchasing your kitchen rugs is imperative to prevent unnecessary spending. Even sometimes, a normal kitchen would last longer if maintained and cleaned appropriately. 


However, look at the manufacturer’s manual to learn about the caring instructions for the rug. If you buy a semi-cotton or woolen-type kitchen rug, you may need to wash it in lukewarm water.


Polyester and polypropylene rugs require less wash than other traditional rugs. Their manufacturing bristles may be worn out if rubbed or scrubbed with a harsh brush.


Always try to choose machine-washable kitchen rugs to throw into the washing machine whenever you want. Machine washable rugs would last longer, and the solid colors of it won’t fade away after a couple of uses. For natural pre-made kitchen rugs, wash them by hand with light dishwasher liquid. 

  • You can get help from dishwasher soap or liquids to weep out dirt,
  • Besides, there are some more products available in the market that help you to wash off the rug dirt easily, 
  • Use natural lemon juice to wipe out the dirt from woolen rugs. 


Additional Features 

Some kitchen rugs have features like stain-resistant, water-resistant, and easy-to-clean traits. Both stain and water-resistant kitchen rugs are good to retain their natural polished look forever.


Stain-resistant rug runners have less dirt and sport like other traditional kitchen rugs. They’re even working as an extra cover to protect your tile floor from spots and damage. 


Water-resistant small rugs benefit you when placed in your foot traffic areas in front of the sink and stove. They protect your foot from unbearable wrist pain and prevent unexpected accidents.


Budget Considerations

Make a proper budget before you proceed. Research some renowned E-commerce sites to learn about the prices and requirements. Sometimes, you must extend or compromise your budget to meet your expected needs.


All the facts rely upon your choice and preference that help you to save a handsome amount of money to buy kitchen rugs for your home. If you have a very small kitchen, you can buy 2-3 kitchen rugs at a time. Special discounts and prices will deduct the minimal price rate of a small kitchen rug. 


It would help if you learned how to balance the quality and the price rate. If you are ready to consider money, keep the quality high. Both quality and quantity are important when buying a product. However, check out this to grab more information.

Where To Buy Kitchen Rugs?

To buy kitchen rugs, all you need to do is search online and look for some additional websites. You can get help from Amazon, Walmart, eBay,,

etc. Besides, you can get help from online stores and other retail shops. The brand officially launched some kitchen rugs on their sites. You can buy anywhere but check out their authenticity by scanning.

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Some More Additional Tips To Get Kitchen Rug Easily

Having the best kitchen rug is amazing. But if you are still not able to find your own desired rugs, then take these following rug ideas. Herein, I added some of the best ideas for your consideration.

Choose The Counterpart Areas

Whenever choosing a kitchen rug, give it before your kitchen counterpart areas. The actual color of the kitchen counterparts areas should be as similar as the other rural parts. Those areas found more aesthetics and are great for your kitchen.


For a modern kitchen, the area corner should be prioritized to achieve the actual well-finished look of your kitchen interior. In the meantime, make sure to get a sink-centered kitchen rug. These rugs look so cool, even if they are very tiny.

Consider Having a Standard Size Rug

Ensure to have small kitchen rugs which are available in standard size. One of the best kitchen rug sizes is about 2×3 to 3×5 cm, which is good for any kitchen from small to large.


These rugs are often great for corporate kitchens and restaurants since they provide great options in different varieties. An ideal kitchen rug must be 6 feet in width and length. The more distance you choose, the more coverage it will provide your kitchen

Give Priority to Your Style

Give priority to your style when it comes to choosing a kitchen rug. It is a great way to bring a perfect and actual kitchen rug to your home.


How do you do that? Well, it depends on your personal choice and the present condition of your kitchen. If your kitchen has extraordinary functions like colorful tiles and beautiful glass designs, you can choose colorful kitchen rugs as well. Those colorful rugs make the interior of your kitchen more fabulous than before.

Floor Space

Make sure to measure the floor specs—especially the floor interior areas. The wide and exact measurement of the foot provides you more assurance to grab the right kitchen rug for your kitchen floor. Take help from measuring tapes that will give you the exact floor measurement.


If your kitchen floor is so big and wide, grab only a vintage-style kitchen rug. Medium to extra-large kitchen rug suits the more extended and wider kitchen floor. But if your kitchen is so thin and tiny, collect only small to light kitchen rugs.

Keep Them Underneath

Ensure to choose an area covered with any heavy furniture like a chair, table, or anything else. A furniture-covered room, especially the kitchen cabinet of the floor, will easily keep the rugs in place. For that reason, you don’t need to worry about the slipping affairs. 


Selecting such areas will also save you from unexpected dangers and damage like slipping, fracturing, and others. However, it will protect your kids and pets from slipping over the rugs.

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Do Kitchen Rugs Allow to Place Beside Sinks or Counterparts?

As most kitchen rugs are usually placed or located on the wall, placing them onto the sinks or counterparts is allowed. They are stuck over the sinks or counterparts’ floors appropriately.

Should I Choose the Kitchen Rug Color Similar to My Floor?

No, it is not necessary to choose a color similar to your kitchen floor. You can choose any color that at least makes your kitchen more lovely and exceptional to look at.

What Sort of Kitchen Rugs Are Good for Regular Use?

You can use square, rectangular, or oval-shaped kitchen rugs as they provide maximum coverage to the entire kitchen floor. Besides, if you want, you can use half-moon, crescent-type kitchen rugs, which are now trending.

Final Wrap

Adding a kitchen rug to your kitchen premises might help you to feel comfortable and nice while cooking. Whether it is a runner between the kitchen counter or the sink, you must pick the right one. We hope our provided guide about how to choose a kitchen rug with additional tips helps you a lot in this regard. 


Along with our tips, keep some more things in mind. While you’re going to shop for a kitchen rug, ensure to have a simple layout design. A simple, elegant design kitchen rug provides you with much pleasure during the cleaning period. Again, some rugs are much easier to clean and require only handwashing.

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