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How To Wash a Washable Rug Effectively: Learn These 3 Simple Ways

how to wash a washable rug

If you have a rug for any particular area, you must clean it regularly, especially when it gets dirty. Rugs are common at everyone’s home, helpful to protect the floor from being spoiled from cooking or other messes. 


There are, however, some particular ways and tips that you can follow to thoroughly clean any type of rug, whether it is machine washable or regular washable. Maintaining these ways and tips is important if you really want to keep your rug cleaned, tidy, and new forever. 


To introduce you to them, we have arranged this guide where you will find all the answers to your questions, like how to wash a washable rug. What detergent should I use? How often should I wash them off? Etc. Let’s discuss them in depth.

3 Ways to Follow to Wash Washable Rugs: Clean It Vastly

To clean your washable rugs properly, consider some important factors. Start by reading out the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions in the manual. Second, you must ensure that the rug is machine- or non-machine-washable.


Washable kitchen rugs require straightforward steps, whereas non-machine-washed rugs require some extra care. Below, we have discussed both ways of washing a rug.

Ways 1: Washing Machine Process

Step 1: Shake Or Vacuum the Rugs 

It is important to shake and vacuum the rugs before putting them in the machine. Shaking/vacuuming these rugs will help you remove loose dirt and debris from the rugs.

Apart from this, you can try out an easy trick, which is to beat the rugs outside with a stick or an iron. It is the quickest way to make these rugs debris-free if you do not have a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Test The Color Fastness Through Spot Clean 

It’s time to test the colorfastness. Mix detergent and water. Then, dab a cotton ball in this mixture and let the stains soak in the mixture for a while. If you notice that the color of the cotton has transferred to the rug, then you need to clean it separately.

Again, it would help if you placed an unused or old towel inside the high-front-loading machine. It will prevent your rugs from being discolored or fading. 

Step 3: Put The Rugs in A Machine 

Put the rugs in a machine and pour some mild detergent. Refrain from overloading the machine with a lot of stuff. A top-loaded washing machine isn’t suitable for cotton or woolen rugs. But it would be better to fill the machine with no more than 2 or 3 washable rugs. After adding laundry detergent, use your hand to mix the rug with detergent properly. 

Use a delicate cycle on your washing machine. But be aware to wash rubber-backed rugs in the machine or any type of high heat. It will damage the rug’s back. 

Note: To wash the area rugs around 6×9 inches in length, use a 60-lb washing machine for better results.

washable kitchen runner

Way 2: Technical Or Handwashing Process

In some cases, using a washing machine to clean the rugs, which are very small or big, could be better. You can only handle the high load of your washing machine if it is in the proper size. However, there is an essential way to clean the rugs technically.

Step 1: Materials You Need

  • Washable rug
  • Mild detergent/rug shampoo/ mild dish soap/laundry detergent 
  • Larger basin or bathtub
  • Soft bristle brush/sponge
  • Water

Step 2: Read The Care Instructions 

During the cleaning period, check out the care instructions. It will provide specific instructions on cleaning it with a machine or by hand. You should follow this method to clean the rugs if it requires handwashing. 

Step 3: Shake It Out 

Shake out the rugs outside to remove loose dirt. Please don’t skip this step; it makes your next steps more effective. 

Step 4: Blot The Stained Areas

This step is important, especially for kitchen rugs. We have come to know about it from many kitchen runners’ reviews. The rug in the kitchen usually gets dirty and grimy after a couple of usages. To do it:

  1. Mix some mild detergent with warm water.
  2. Take a big bucket or bowl and put the rug on them.
  3. Put this mixture over the stains and use a cotton pad.
  4. Blot the cotton pads over the rug and scrub them gently.

But do not scrub the rug vigorously to prevent damage to the fibers. 

Step 5: Prepare The Washing Areas

Now, fill the basin with lukewarm water. Ensure that you take enough water to submerge the whole rug. At this time, add a small amount of detergent to the water. Be careful to add an excess amount, as it would leave a residue on the rug. 

Step 6: Soak The Rug and Rinse with Hand

Soak the rug on that mixture for a few minutes. Then, gently agitate the rug by moving it back and forth. Let it soak on a soft rug for a few minutes so the fibers are penetrated.

Machine-washing this rug is impossible, so you must clean the dirt using your feet and hands. Make sure you wear gloves when you scrub the rug. You can take help from a rug pad or sponge to scrub. Pay more attention to the most soiled areas. 

Afterward, rinse the shag rugs thoroughly and drain the soapy water. Refill the basin or bathtub clean again and squeeze the rug section-wise. Cleaning your rug becomes more convenient if you use an extra rag to sponge the rug. Any sort of dry towel will soak the moisture from the rug. You can also choose any rug shampoo from the top kitchen rug reviews

Step 7: Dry The Rug

Lay the rug flat in the outdoors or any well-ventilated areas. To dry your rug delicately, hang it or put it in the dryer. Some people think it may be good to dry the rug in direct sunlight. Excessive sun exposure makes the rug discolor or fade. A low or medium heating process is good for these rugs to tumble dry

Once your rugs have completely dry, it’s time to give them another shake. Flip them in a hanger or outside to remove extra dirt if it remains. Try dragging a vacuum cleaner over them before placing it underneath the furniture or kitchen counterparts.

Way 3: Using Hardwood Floor Mop

If you do not have enough strength and patience to clean the rug by hand, then this is the right thing to do. It would be the best option if you don’t have a washing machine at home. 

Step 1: Things You Need 

  • A jet spray or pressure washer
  • Spray bottle 
  • Floor mop and bucket
  • Mild dishwasher soap or detergent 
  • Water 
  • Gentle scrubber or an old towel 

Step 2: Lay The Rugs Flat 

First, lay the rugs over the surface fully flat. Then, wet it using a pressure washer jet spray or top-loading washer. But don’t overwet it. 

Step 3: Combine The Mixture 

Make a mixture with mild detergent and water. Pour them into the spray bottle and shake it well. Now, squirt this mixture all over the rug. 

Step 4: Scrub It With Mop Brush

A mop brush works better than a front-loading washing machine for scrubbing rugs. The mop brush and rug should be overlapped. Move it back and forth gently. Repeat it until you notice that all the specks of dirt from the rug have been coming out. 

Step 5: Rinse And Dry 

Rinse the rug under running water after repeating step 4 in a delicate cycle. Or pour some clean water in it. Once all the soapy water disappears, could you leave it in a dryer for drying?

wash rug with vacuum and washing machine

Do's And Don't You Have to Maintain While Washing Washable Rug

To avoid any further mistakes, make sure to obligate these things strictly.

Things To Do

Things Not To Do

Always vacuum or shake it before cleaning

Over-cleaning / frequent cleaning of the rugs may damage their natural fiber

Spot clean the area with particular ingredients, likewise: classic dish soap to remove red wine stains, dish detergent for blood stains, green dish detergent with cold water mix to remove urine or pet vomiting stains, etc.

Neglecting to read the manufacturer's cleaning instructions

Scrub the rug gently with a soft bristle brushes

Using harsh chemicals on cotton or jute-made rugs unknowingly

Dry wash the rug after it gets wet

Keep the stains unremoved or untreated during the cleaning

Soak it in mild rug cleaning shampoo for 15–20 days to keep it stain-free and clean

Over-shampooing, over-scrubbing and over-wetting the rug

Lay it over the table flat or any surface to dry to avoid curling

Using too much deodorizer makes the rug dull and discolored of the powder build up in it


What Types of Rugs Are Worthy for Machine Wash?

Rugs made with nylon, olefin, and polyester are good for washing in the machine. Besides the rugs containing cotton, synthetic fibers are easy to wash by washing machine.

What Type Of Rug Material Should You Avoid Cleaning By Machine?

You should avoid cleaning seagrass, sisal, and jute rugs in the machine. Avoid cleaning animal fur, woolen, and most other natural fiber-made rugs.

How Often Do I Wash a Washable Rug?

You can wash a washable rug whenever it seems necessary to you. However, experts recommend cleaning the rugs after every 2 months and deep cleaning after 4-5 months.

Final Thought

That’s all about how to wash a washable rug. I hope our pre-research guidelines and tips will help you last longer. Washing a washable rug is very simple and, when done correctly, can refresh and revitalize your home premises. Again, you can feel the differences between the cleaned and unclean rug after finishing the entire task. 


Ultimately, we would like to share tips to reverse its previous look and retain it forever. Shake the rug, use vinegar, mix water, and spray it all over it every day during your floor cleaning. Afterward, dry the rug in the air. This practice will keep the rug clean, lovely, and new for longer.

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