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How To Use A Zojirushi Rice Cooker?[Learn For Make Life Easy]

How To Use A Zojirushi Rice Cooker
Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Rice is our daily need as it will fulfill the demands of 50-63% carbohydrates in our body. Cooking rice in Zojirushi rice cookers will give you a sky-like experience.


You don’t need to stir it from time to time or even check the consistency of the rice frequently. These rice cookers are not just basic kitchen gadgets; they come with lots of cool improvements that make life simpler and more convenient.


It’s like having a smart helper in the kitchen! Zojirushi rice cookers have a variety of functions. It will let you cook different kinds of recipes within a minute. Now, you might be scrolling to learn more about how to use a Zojirushi rice cooker accurately.


Don’t panic;  in this guide, we’ve tried to go through everything like functions, processes, and others.

5 Important Steps To Follow To Use Zojirushi Rice Cooker: In-Depth Guide

Everything requires time to be prepared. To use the Zojirushi rice cooker, you must follow some steps. Below, we gather information about using a rice cooker so you can easily understand its navigation process. Let’s take a glimpse of them.

Step 1: Gather Some Tools


Before beginning the task, gather these important things: 


    • Rice 
    • Water
    • Measuring cup
    • Fork
    • Zojirushi rice cooker, etc.

Step 2: Rinse The Rice With Water

Take a bowl and pour the rice. Measure the amount with a measuring cup. Next, take a fine, clean strainer for rinsing rice with water. It depends on you. Pick the filter under the running water from the kitchen sink and wring with your hand. Wring it until you notice the clean water coming from the filter.

Step 3: Fill The Inner Pot And Measure The Water

Conduct the measurement with the Zojirushi rice cooker. Measure the amount correctly. Take help from the measuring lines onto the inner pot. Take help from this table for the right amounts.


Rice Type

Rice Amounts (gm)

Water Amounts (ml)


General Rice

180-200 gm

250-260 ml

10–15 minutes 

Jasmine Rice

150-200 gm

300-400 ml

45 minutes 

Basmati Rice

150-200 gm

225-300 ml

20–30 minutes 


However, different types of rice need different amounts of water. For example, Jasmine rice requires more water than Basmati rice when cooked. Mixed rice needs more water to boil with the veggies and meat than other recipes. Now, fill the inner pot and pour the appropriate water.

Step 4: Place The Pot Inside And Choose Cooking Setting

Now, place the pot inside the cooker. Make sure you have set it properly on your first attempt. Once it is done, choose the cooking setting you wish.

Step 5: Press On the "Start" Button And Wait

rice cooker power
rice cooker power

Check everything before closing the lid. Next, press the “Start” button to ensure the cooker has warmed inside. The cooker will automatically turn on the “warm feature” option when the cooking is complete. So you can do it with others. 

Now, wait for at least 10-15 minutes. Within this time, your rice will properly boil and fluff like popcorn or puff rice. 


After a while:

  1. Close the rice cooker’s lid and pick a fork.
  2. Fluff it to check out the consistency.
  3. If the rice seems ok, place it on the plate, and it’s done.

7 Basic Mechanisms To Understand For Using Zojirushi Rice Cookers:

Everyone, from beginners to experts, must correct when using Zojirushi rice cookers properly. This happens because we need to understand the basic mechanisms. Since this tool is famous for cooking rice quickly, it comes with strong durability, technology, and efficiency. Below, we’ll give you a short description of the basic mechanism parts of these rice cookers.

1. LCD Display Panel


It is a main part of the panel and consists of 5-6 options for trying out different recipes for cooking rice. It will show you various information related to cooking rice and settings. The left side option of the panel offers cooking options like white rice, brown rice, sushi, etc. And the right side option of the board shows quick cooking, brown rice, etc. To activate each mode, a user must flip the opportunity and check the dial to ensure it is turning on.

2. Delay Timing

Secondly, this setting is specially made to set up the timer to cook rice at a specific time. If you want to set the timer at midnight, then press on the delay timer. To use it appropriately, follow these instructions:


    • Press down “Menu” to select the type of rice;
    • Then, click on the “Timer” button. As soon as you press it on, it will show you the current time in hours and minutes.
    • If you want to adjust the time, press the “+” and “-” buttons.
    • After setting up the delay time, press the “Start” button to begin the cooking.

3. Warm Feature

This feature generally helps keep the rice warm for longer. Even if you’re going outside, a warm part will help to keep rice warm after cooking. To use this feature, do these instructions properly. 


    • Press down the menu button at first. Then, find and select the “keep warm” option.
    • Use the “+” to increase the heat and “-” for decreasing. 
    • Once finished, hit the start button to give it a command to begin.

4. Reheat Feature

By using this feature, you can reheat the rice without overcooking or too much drying it out. This feature is useful when reheating leftover or frozen rice. To use this setting, you only need to fill the inner pot with rice, close the lid, and press the menu option.


Then, navigate to the reheat option and flip to the start button. After a few minutes, you’ll hear a beep sound, which indicates that the cycle has started for work.

5. Steamer Feature

Steamer features are the best for steaming different things at a time, like vegetables, rice, sushi, seafood, etc. For activation, fill the inner pot with water and add appropriate amounts for steaming.


Now, place it on the top and keep it inside the basket. Add food that you want to cook and close the lid. Press the menu button and then start. Wait for a while, and all the food will begin to boil.

6. Fast Cooking Feature:

inside rice cooker
inside rice cooker

This feature is key to cooking faster. This feature will give you much pleasure while you’re in a hurry and need rice done. To activate this option, press the “Menu” and then the “Quick/fast cooking” feature. Next, click the “Start” button to ensure the cycle is fully completed.

7. Mixed Rice Setting

The Mixed rice setting is the last one. By using this feature, you can cook mixed rice dishes. Various ingredients such as vegetables, green peace, carrots, and meat can be mixed and cooked with rice through this feature. If you want to try out this function, do the following: 


    • Mix the appropriate amount of rice and water in the inner pot; 
    • Add any ingredients you wish;
    • Put the lid on the rice cooker and plug it into the power supply;
    • Press on the menu bar;
    • Then, find and flip on to “Mixed rice”;
    • Set up the time and press the start button. 
    • Your rice cooker will start cooking the mixed rice dishes.


How Does Zojirushi Rice Cooker Alert Its Users That The Cooking Is Finished?

Zojirushi Rice Cookers usually have a feature where they play a little melody or beep when the rice is done cooking. Some models might even show a message on the display screen to let you know it’s finished.  It may vary and depend on the model.

What Size Rice Cooker Do I Need To Cook In It Every Day?

It often depends on the capacity of the cook and the number of your family members. You can cook 5-10 / 2-3 cups or more of rice to cook in it at once. 

How To Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker Evenly To Retain Its Longevity?

Using warm water and soap mixture, clean your Zojirushi rice cooker. Mix these ingredients well and apply them to the cool rice cooker. Use a soft toothbrush or scrubber to remove the food stains or other residues. Be sure to clean it with lukewarm water and store it securely after rinsing. 

How Long Can I Keep Rice In Zojirushi Rice Cooker?

You can keep rice for 10-12 hours in a Zojirushi rice cooker. But there is no problem if that duration increases to 20-24 hours.

Why Is Zojirushi Rice Cooker So Expensive?

Zojirushi rice cookers tend to be more expensive because they offer high-quality materials, advanced technology, and precise cooking features. Their reputation for durability and consistent performance also contributes to the price.


So, in simple words, if you learn how to use the Zojirushi rice cooker correctly, your cooking will get better. With this guide, you can easily cook perfectly cooked rice with minimal effort. 


When measuring rice and water, make sure to use accurate measures and choose the appropriate setting. Again, don’t hesitate to explore your specific model’s various features and functions. However, explore more and discover more techniques and benefits that Zojirushi rice brings to your kitchen.

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