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Tiger Vs. Zojirushi Brand Rice Cooker
Tiger Vs. Zojirushi Brand Rice Cooker
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Tiger Vs Zojirushi brand Rice Cooker: Choose the Better One

A rice cooker is the ultimate kitchen convenience, specifically if you enjoy rice. It’s an excellent tool for those who wish to make sushi since you can cook the rice perfectly remember how sushi requires perfect rice.


Although it might be challenging to locate the ideal rice cooker, Zojirushi and Tiger are two well-known manufacturers whose products are excellent. In this guide, you will know Tiger Vs Zojirushi Brand Rice Cooker, which is best and a comparison guide. 

Comparison Table


Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup

Zojirushi NS-RPC10FJ Rice Cooker

Main concept

Tiger rice cookers can cook rice without losing quality if you are on a budget. You receive a great cooker but without the bells and whistles.

One of the best Japanese rice cooker manufacturers is Zojirushi, and this model features a lot of cutting-edge technology.


5.5 Cups

5.5 Cups




Inside Plan

Tiger pot has grip handles on the sides, making carrying the pot simpler.

The rice cooker from Zojirushi needs handles.

Which Rice Cooker Is Better: Tiger or Zojirushi?

People frequently inquire about the best option while making a decision. However, to do that, it’s crucial to understand the brands and features each one offers through their rice cookers.


Therefore, we are comparing these two brands’ differences in this part.

Rice Cookers Tiger

Since they began producing products in 1923, Tiger has been around for many years. However, the name changed as the firm started to extend its product line from its original brand, Kikuchi Manufacturing Company

Additionally, Tiger has several affiliates worldwide, including in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the United States. Kettles, water dispensers, water heaters, and rice cookers are some of their items.


In addition to cooking rice, Tiger rice cookers are provided with other features. The most recent rice cooker models have slow cooker features that let users make soups and stews.


Some even include a bake function, allowing you to use these slow cookers to prepare various meals.


When it comes to the rice cooking function, it’s a frequent misconception that a rice cooker can prepare all types of rice. However, this is untrue. For instance, brown, white, and jasmine rice may all be prepared in Tiger rice cookers. 


You may prepare stew, curry, soup, chili, and other seasonal dishes in addition to rice.

Regarding the technological aspect, the manufacturer continues to employ fuzzy technology, which enables the cooker to detect temperature changes automatically and make necessary adjustments to get the best results.


Tiger rice cookers have 11 cooking modes, allowing you to explore and prepare various dishes. Users may prepare brown rice, oatmeal, jasmine rice, bread, or porridge and use the slow cooking function with these fantastic cooking options. 


Because of this, the Tiger rice cooker is the perfect option if you want numerous cooking capabilities from a single appliance.

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Since 1918, Zojirushi has existed; at the beginning, it was known as Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company. They currently sell breadmakers, electric kettles, beverage dispensers, water boilers, hot water dispensers, and rice cookers, increasing the diversity of their products over time. 

The main office is in Japan, but there are other offices there, as well as in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and the US.


Regarding functionality, many features are available and may be used for various things. A baking component is included, allowing you to prepare a cake.


When it comes to cooking rice, it may be used to prepare a variety of grains, including brown rice, mixed rice, white rice, and sushi rice.


Zojirushi rice cooker’s ability to cook almost any rice is one of its excellent benefits. Modern rice cookers are made with an induction heating pressure model that also includes a warmer to regulate cooking temperatures. We enjoy them because they are developed with a focus on quality.


On the other hand, we wish to point out that there are only three cooking settings and a limited number of uses for these rice cookers. This is so that both hard and soft rice may be cooked using the menu options. 


This implies that you may cook rice in two different ways and keep it warm and fresh with the third option (the warming button).

Reviews of Tiger vs. Zojirushi rice cooker

Zojirushi and Tiger are two rice cooker brands that routinely rank at the top. Both companies have a U.S. subsidiary arm that manufactures their products in Japan. Connoisseurs of rice cooking love Tiger and Zojirushi.


Are you prepared for Zojirushi vs. Tiger? Let’s start.

1. Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup

Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup
Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup

This Tiger rice cooker has menu options for several rice kinds, a nonstick inner cooking pot, a detachable inner lid, and a steam vent cap. Numerous consumers laud the effectiveness of this rice cooker, as well as how simple it is to clean the inner pot.


The delay timer is great for pre-cooking rice. 

 Tiger rice cookers can match your hectic schedule because it can keep rice heated for up to 24 hours.


There are three timing settings on the Tiger rice cooker: “Ultra,” “Plain,” and “Quick.” You will need more than an hour to cook a whole batch of rice on the “Ultra” option since it includes a soak period to extract the most flavor.


Tiger rice cooker’s lengthy cooking time has drawn criticism from several users.


    • Capacity: 5.5 cups
    • Heating Technology: Induction heating
    • Cooking Modes: Rice cooking, slow cooking, steaming
    • Inner Pan: Non-stick
    • Keep Warm Function: Yes
    • Menu Settings: Multiple options
    • Display: Digital display with a timer.
    • Power: The rice cooker operates on standard electrical power.
    • Material: The exterior of the rice cooker is made of durable and heat-resistant materials.
    • Safety Features: Lid lock and auto shut-off to prevent accidents and ensure user safety.
    • Accessories: measuring cup and rice spatula for convenient and accurate rice preparation.
    • Dimensions: space-saving for easy storage.

The Advantages of Tiger

    • Japanese Made
    • I am keeping you toasty on demand automatically.
    • the delay timer feature
    • Maximum sweetness with ultra-setting and soak time
    • The attractive tint of beige stainless steel

The Disadvantages of Tiger

    • More costly than competing brands

2. Zojirushi NS-RPC10FJ Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi NS-RPC10FJ Rice Cooker and Warmer
Zojirushi NS-RPC10FJ Rice Cooker and Warmer

The dark gray stainless steel on this Zojirushi rice cooker and warmer gives it a modern look. This Zojirushi has a removable inner lid, different cooking choices, and induction heat (IH) technology.


Zojirushi advises cleaning the inside lid after each usage to prevent tarnishing and mildew.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) brown rice may be cooked using a unique setting on this Zojirushi rice cooker. The potential health advantages of this sprouted brown rice are widely advertised.


The Zojirushi NP, like the Tiger, comes with a measuring cup, a rice paddle, and a nonstick inner pan.


    • Capacity: 1 liter (approximately 5.5 cups)
    • Heating Technology: Fuzzy logic
    • Cooking Modes: Rice cooking, sushi rice, porridge, quick cooking
    • Inner Pan: Non-stick
    • Keep Warm Function: Yes
    • Menu Settings: Multiple options for different types of rice and cooking preferences
    • Display: LCD control panel with easy-to-use buttons
    • Timer: Delay timer for presetting cooking start time
    • Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spatula, spatula holder included
    • Safety Features: Lid lock, thermal cutoff
    • Power: Standard electrical power operation
    • Dimensions: Compact and space-saving design
    • Voltage: Specific voltage requirement (may vary)
    • Weight: Lightweight for convenient handling and storage.

The Advantage of Zojirushi

    • Japanese origins
    • Cleanable interior lid
    • The delay timer feature
    • I am setting GABA brown rice and sushi rice.
    • more affordable than Tiger

The disadvantage of Zojirushi

    • The inner pot lacks handles

Zojirushi vs. Tiger: A Comparison

After examining each rice cooker, let’s make a breakdown comparison. Which of Zojirushi and Tiger will win the battle?



Rice cookers from Zojirushi and Tiger both produce excellent results. Their induction heating (IH) technology guarantees perfectly cooked rice every time. Both are of the same quality so that you can go right.


Winner: Draw

Option for Cooking

The Zojirushi and Tiger rice cookers offer various kinds of cooking. The Tiger has four different cooking settings: extreme, simple, fast, and mixed. It also features steel-cut oats, brown rice, jasmine rice, and rice porridge scenes.


The Zojirushi rice cooker features settings for jasmine rice, sushi rice, sweet rice, rice porridge, brown rice, and GABA brown rice, in addition to white and brown rice with texture options.


Both possess the crucial function of keeping warm.


Winner: Draw

Inside Pan

Although the inner pots of the Zojirushi and Tiger rice cookers are both nonstick, the Tiger pot has grip handles on the sides, making carrying the pot simpler. The rice cooker from Zojirushi needs handles.


Winner: Tiger Rice Cooker


Even though the cost of these two rice cookers is comparable, the Zojirushi rice cooker is often less expensive than the Tiger. Remember that pricing might fluctuate, so comparing the two is worthwhile.


Winner: Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Tiger vs. Zojirushi: A Comparison of the Price Options

Although there is little of a price difference between these two selections, a few features are different.


The Tiger’s capacity, is less than that of the Zojirushi. You might like the Zojirushi’s greater capacity if you cook a lot of rice. However, the Tiger’s 5.5-cup (1 liter) capacity is more than enough to feed a family of four.


Soft Logic

The Tiger option uses fuzzy logic Micom technology for more accurate cooking. At the same time, the Zojirushi is a conventional electric cooker. The Tiger has the upper hand in this division.


Cooking Features

The Tiger cooker provides additional features. A steamer basket is furthermore included.


On the other hand, the Zojirushi has just one set: cooking. The warming quality is present in both the Zojirushi and the Tiger.

Consider Before Purchasing a Japanese Rice Cooker

Before moving on, and it’s essential to consider what makes a Japanese rice cooker worth the extra money.

Even though several varieties of rice cookers are available, choosing a Japanese rice cooker provides you with a benefit. 

If you’re in the market for a new rice cooker and trying to decide between the Tiger and Zojirushi brands, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. Here are some key features to keep in mind:


Capacity: Determine how much rice you need to cook at once. Both brands offer a range of sizes, so choose the one that fits your needs.


Heating Technology: Tiger and Zojirushi both offer induction heating, which heats the entire inner pan evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time.


Cooking Modes: Consider what types of food you plan to cook in the rice cooker. Both brands offer various cooking modes, such as white rice, brown rice, and slow cooking.


Inner Pan: Look for a non-stick inner pan, which makes it easier to clean and prevents rice from sticking.

Keep Warm Function: Both brands offer a keep-warm function to ensure your rice stays at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to serve.


Menu Settings: Consider the menu settings offered by each brand. Zojirushi offers more options, such as sushi rice and porridge, while Tiger offers more basic options.


Display: Both brands offer digital displays with timers, making it easy to keep track of your rice cooking.

By considering these features, you can make an informed decision and choose the rice cooker that best fits your needs and preferences.

Japanese chefs have a good understanding of rice.

Japanese manufacturers build their rice cookers in-depth, guaranteeing top-notch design and functionality. Japanese rice cookers are noticeably better made than inexpensive rice cookers, which also impacts pricing.

Could I be frank with you?

Instead of wasting money on a subpar, cheap rice cooker, I would prefer to make rice on the stovetop. A Japanese oven will perform better and last longer if you often make rice or cook it in various ways.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tiger or Zojirushi: Which rice cooker is better?

On the other hand, the Tiger costs less than half as much as its rival and cooks rice more quickly than any other. Our top option for the best rice cooker in 2023 may have fewer bells and whistles than the Zojirushi, which also happens to be our top choice for personalized rice.


Tiger and Zojirushi — are they related?

The Tiger’s capacity is less than that of the Zojirushi’s. You might like the Zojirushi’s greater capacity if you cook a lot of rice. But the Tiger’s 5.5-cup (1 liter) capacity can be more than enough to satisfy a family of four.


Is Tiger a good brand for a rice cooker?

Tiger rice cookers are excellent and, on average, cost a bit more than other rice cooker models.


Why is the Zojirushi rice cooker the best?

The finest rice cooker for individuals looking for a primary and user-friendly device is this automated rice cooker. 


One button toggles between “cook” and “keep warm.” It may have a simple control panel or the option to prepare rice ahead of time.


Zojirushi—is it a Chinese company?

Products made by Zojirushi come in TWO varieties. Both those manufactured in China and those made in Japan.

Last Words:

In conclusion, when comparing the Tiger and Zojirushi brands of rice cookers, both offer exceptional quality and performance.


The Tiger brand rice cookers, such as the Tiger Corporation Tiger JKT-D10U 5.5-Cup model, impress with features like induction heating, multiple cooking modes, non-stick inner pans, and convenient menu settings.


On the other hand, the Zojirushi brand, exemplified by the Zojirushi NS-RPC10FJ Rice Cooker, shines with its fuzzy logic technology, versatile cooking modes, non-stick inner pans, and user-friendly LCD control panels.


Ultimately, the choice between the two brands will depend on personal preferences and specific needs, but both Tiger and Zojirushi offer reliable and efficient rice cookers that deliver delicious results.


Whether you prioritize capacity, heating technology, cooking modes, or additional features, both brands have options that cater to different culinary requirements.


Whichever brand you choose, you can be confident in the quality and performance of these rice cookers for perfectly cooked rice every time.


Tiger and Zojirushi brand rice cooker are the top brands on the market and the finest in their respective fields for rice cookers.

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