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Best Wooden Cooking Utensils
Best Wooden Cooking Utensils
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The 9 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils for Your Cooking Needs

Selecting the right tools for your kitchen can significantly enhance your cooking experience and make your favorite recipes even better. Wooden cooking utensils are one of these tools that are a top choice for both home cooks and professional chefs.


They are sturdy, stylish, and highly versatile. Wooden utensils excel in various cooking tasks like breaking up ground meat, sautéing vegetables, and mixing sugar and butter for preparing cookies. Unlike metal utensils, wooden ones don’t heat up quickly, making them safe to use with nonstick pans. Also, they won’t alter the taste of your food, unlike some other materials that can transfer flavors.


As they are becoming more popular nowadays, there is a wide variety of wooden cooking utensils available on the market. So, this article aims to guide you through the essential factors to consider when you’re buying one.


With this knowledge, you will be able to buy the best wooden cooking utensils to meet your specific needs.

Why Should You Use Wooden Utensils?

Using wooden utensils for cooking and serving at home is an excellent choice for various reasons. Wood is gentle on your cookware and also eco-friendly. Wood spoons have natural qualities that make them ideal for cooking. They handle heat well and don’t get too hot during use.


Furthermore, wood has antibacterial properties that assist in trapping and eliminating germs, making this cooking spoon safer and more hygienic. Several wooden utensils are hand-carved or crafted individually, making them unique and special.


The natural pattern and grain of wood make each utensil distinct and feel like a natural creation instead of a factory-produced item. Wooden spoons for cooking are versatile in the kitchen, serving multiple purposes. They can be used for stirring a pot, mixing both dry and wet ingredients, scooping various foods, and even muddling cocktails.

9 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils

When you are looking to buy a wood tablespoon for your kitchen or as a gift, think about what you will use it for, like making pasta, eating soup, or stirring coffee. Also, you should consider the kind of wood used to craft the spoon. Some popular materials for wooden spoons are oak, beech, and maple, known for being tough and long-lasting.

On the other hand, if you prefer a spoon for lighter work and want to favor its aesthetic, you might opt for softer woods. To assist you in finding the correct wooden utensils for your kitchen, we have compiled a list of the 9 best wooden cooking utensils you can buy online right now.

1. Best Overall: Nayahose Wooden Utensil Set

Nayahose Wooden Utensil Set
Nayahose Wooden Utensil Set

The NAYAHOSE wooden set is built of high-quality, strong teak wood free from harmful chemicals. You get six pieces in this set, which includes two wooden spoons, a rounded fork, two spatulas, and a slotted spoon.


The spatulas aren’t toxic, won’t bend easily, and won’t leave scratches on the kitchenware. They are one of the best non toxic wooden cooking utensils on this list.


Moreover, these wooden spoons for cooking need low maintenance and will be fine with the taste of your food. They have a smooth finish and rounded handles, making them comfortable to hold. You can easily hang them up, as each handle contains a hole at the ending point.


It’s the best wooden cooking utensils set to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen décor. You can safely use these wooden utensils on nonstick pans and other nonstick surfaces, and they won’t mark surfaces or leave any scratches.


In addition, they are good for the environment as teak wood is renewable. It is best to wash the wooden spoons by hand using mild soap and let them air-dry.


  • It lasts a long time and doesn’t break easily.
  • This product is easy to carry because it’s not heavy.
  • The handles are designed to be comfortable to hold.
  • Food doesn’t stick to it, which makes cooking and cleaning easier.
  • It has a nice, smooth finish that feels good to touch.
  • This cooking utensil set has a non-scratch surface so that you won’t get ugly scratches.


● Sometimes, there might be a weird odor on the spoons.

2. Best for Comfortable Grip: OXO Good Grips Wooden Utensil Set

OXO Good Grips Wooden Utensil Set

Happily stir your family’s favorite marinara sauce recipe into the saucepan without worrying about damaging it. This wooden spoon set for cooking has a protective finish that won’t damage or scratch your kitchen utensils. These spoons also have a soft, firm grip to keep your hands at ease during those hours of cooking a tasty homemade meal.


This wooden cooking spoon set includes a large wooden spoon, a slotted spoon, and a turner. These spoons come with a natural oil finish that prevents the wood from deteriorating over time. The spoons are made of solid beechwood. If you are frequently concerned about wooden spoons cracking or breaking when using them, you may like these spoons’ extremely thick handles and overall sturdiness.  


You can easily hang each spoon thanks to the large hole in the handle, but make sure to have a big-sized hook. They are safe to use on nonstick cookware. After each usage:


  • Carefully hand-wash these spoons in soapy water.
  • Allow them to air dry.
  • Get ready to use them again at your next meal.


It is the best wooden utensil set on our list for comfortable grip.


  • Each spoon comes with a handle that feels firm and comfortable to hold.
  • They are made to last a long time with solid and tough materials.
  • These spoons have a special oil coating that protects and keeps them safe.
  • They won’t harm your nonstick pots and pans.


● These spoons need to be washed by hand only.

3. Best for Stirring & Serving: OXO Good Grips Ladle & Wooden Utensil Set

OXO Good Grips Ladle & Wooden Utensil Set
OXO Good Grips Ladle & Wooden Utensil Set

This wooden utensil set includes one wooden spoon, a slotted spoon, a turner, and a ladle. All the spoons are made of solid beechwood. These are the best wooden spoons for stirring and serving. The turner can flip, lift, and move foods easily. On the other hand, the slotted spoon is perfect for straining and mixing.


The spoon made of sturdy stainless steel is excellent for scooping gravy, soups, and sauces. Spouts are situated on both sides of the stainless steel spoon, making it simple for left-handed and right-handed chefs to pour liquid in the correct direction. This spoon has a unique angled design that prevents liquid from spilling when you scoop and put food in bowls.


Its handle has a non-slip, soft grip that feels comfortable in your hand and stays strongly in place, whether the handle is dry or wet. The spoon’s polished design makes it suitable for the dining table or kitchen use. The wooden kitchen spoons have a natural oil finish, giving them a nice look and ensuring they last a long time.

Each spoon has a hole at the handle’s end for hanging, and you can safely use them with nonstick pans. Washing these spoons by hand using soap and hot water is crucial. Keep in mind that this wooden spoon set is a bit heavier compared to our other recommendations, so it may not be the best choice for tasks that need a finer instrument for more accuracy.


  • These spoons can rapidly clean the pan’s edges and bottom.
  • This spoon set provides good value for the price.
  • Each spoon features a large, comfortable handle.
  • The spoon in this set can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • These spoons can nicely scrape down mixing bowls.


● This set is a little bit heavier than other wooden spoon sets.

4. Best for Gift: Oliva Italiana Kitchen Utensil Set

Oliva Italiana Kitchen Utensil Set
Oliva Italiana Kitchen Utensil Set

This wood cooking utensils set has 7 products, which include a solid spatula, solid spoon, rounded fork, curved slotted spatula, slotted spoon, and curved rounded spoon with a holder and hole. All of these utensils are built from natural bamboo and are free from pesticides or stains.


They are an environmentally friendly choice that, unlike other types of spoons, does not release dangerous chemicals into your food when cooking. These wood cooking utensils work well with nonstick cookware, woks, and cast iron pots. They are durable, dent-free, and splinter-free. These spoons are ideal for cooking various dishes such as pasta, stir-fried vegetables, fried rice, and meat stews.


Oliva Italiana offers a lifetime warranty for this product. If any quality issues arise while using the product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them, and they will arrange a free replacement. 


The spoons have ergonomic handles that provide good balance and utility while using them. These kitchen wood utensils make an excellent gift for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, housewarmings, or anniversaries.

So, buy the ideal gift for your husband, wife, or loved ones who enjoy cooking. Also, if you are looking for the best wooden spatula, you can buy this utensil set, as it has many types of spatulas.


  • These utensils will not damage or leave any scratches on your favored nonstick pans.
  • They are crafted from bamboo that is carefully sourced.
  • These spoons are rigid and can handle temperatures from extremely cold (-30°F) to very hot (400°F).
  • They bring a stylish and unique look to your kitchen that matches any home decor.
  • No harmful chemicals, pesticides, or dyes are used in making these spoons, ensuring your food stays safe.


● This wooden utensil set is not dishwasher safe.

5. Best for Mixing: OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Spoon Set

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Spoon Set
OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Spoon Set

This wooden spoon set of OXO Good Grips is perfect for people who need a good mixing tool. These spoons are the best wood mixing spoons on our list. The set comes with three sturdy spoons made of beechwood in small, medium, and large sizes. Each utensil has a deep head and a rounded, long handle, making it easy and comfortable to mix ingredients.


The handles are strong and have a flat top and sides and rounded corners, which ensures that you can comfortably hold it in a good grip. These spoons also have a large hook at the end for hanging. The large utensil is excellent for serving pasta dishes and stirring soups.


The medium-sized spoon comes in useful when cooking sauces or mixing batters. You can use the small spoon to taste while cooking and stir in small pots. These spoons won’t cause any damage or scratches on nonstick cookware. It is recommended to wash these spoons by hand.


  • These spoons are easy to clean.
  • They are naturally non-sticky on surfaces.
  • They come with a natural oil finish.
  • These spoons are made of solid beechwood.
  • These spoons are simple to hold.


● These spoons are not as durable as their counterparts.

6. Best Fashionable: Gibson Home Laurel Wood Salad Bowl Set

Gibson Home Laurel Wood Salad Bowl Set
Gibson Home Laurel Wood Salad Bowl Set

You will get a salad bowl and two matching servers in this utensil set. All these products are made of all-natural acacia wood. The bowl measures 10.25 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height. Acacia wood ensures the bowl is stain-resistant, resistant to water penetration, and won’t pick up bad smells. This cooking utensil set is safe to use with both hot and cold foods due to these features.


Gibson, a top-tier company in producing housewares and tabletop, is located in Los Angeles, California. They have been a family-owned business for more than 40 years. Gibson has created a range of brands that focus on creativity, style, and providing excellent value to customers across the world.

This wooden cooking utensil set is very fashionable. As this set is made of acacia wood, it is recommended to wash it by hand only. The beautiful salad bowl is created to hold salads and isn’t suggested for liquid retention. It can serve 4 to 6 quarts of salad. If you are looking for the best organic wooden cooking utensils, then this is your best choice.


  • Its acacia wood has a beautiful natural design that adds a warm and rich feel to your table.
  • Cleaning this utensil set is very easy.
  • You will get good value for your money with this product.
  • This cooking set is solid and durable, making it reliable for long-term use.


● You can’t use this bowl in a microwave oven.

7. Best Ergonomic: Chef Craft Wooden Spoon Set

Chef Craft Wooden Spoon Set

The Chef Craft wooden spoon set has three excellent spoons. These spoons are reasonably priced, measure 14 inches in length, and are made from solid beechwood. They are perfect for use with deep pots or high-temperature stir-frying. The handles are rounded and come with a silicone insert to ensure a comfortable and non-slip grip and a hole for hanging.


We liked the smooth feel of the pre-oiled beechwood and the silicone grip. It was nice because it felt comfortable to hold the wooden spoon halfway on the handle, with some grip on the silicone and some on the wood. These spoons proved the best wooden kitchen utensils for tasks like mixing batters or stiff doughs.


Also, they are the best wood spoons for cooking dishes that need constant stirring, such as fudge or risotto. However, due to their thick spoon heads, they’re not the best choice for sautéing diced potatoes and onions. The spoon’s wide, long bowl is ideal for sampling a large amount of soup directly from the pot.


Nonetheless, the lengthy handle does lead to some liquid tipping back into the pot before it can clear a tall stockpot’s lip. When preparing the batter for zucchini bread, we found cleaning the spoon’s bowl and the backside of applesauce, creamed sugar, and melted butter easy. These spoons effectively combine the wet ingredients before folding in the zucchini.


  • These spoons are easy to hold at any angle for your comfort.
  • They come in three beautiful colors to match your kitchen’s style.
  • Long enough to reach the bottom of deep pots.
  • They are safe to use on nonstick pots and pans.


● The silicone grip is not as long to hold the spoon comfortably.

8. Best for Heat Toleration: Fiesta Bamboo Utensil Set

Fiesta Bamboo Utensil Set
Fiesta Bamboo Utensil Set

This utensil set contains 5 spoons, which are a cobalt silicone spoon spatula, scarlet bamboo spoon, tangerine bamboo turner, turquoise silicone spatula, and lemongrass bamboo slotted spoon. These spoons are made of renewable bamboo. 


They have silicone handles and heads. The handles and heads are designed to be non-slip to help you comfortably grip the spoons.


All of the spoons are around 14 inches in length. In order to clean these spoons, it is best to wash them by hand. However, you need to avoid using soap with citrus ingredients when cleaning them. This product is made in China by Cambridge Silversmiths, Ltd. All the spoons are very durable. The silicone handles, and heads of the spoons come in different bright colors. Each spoon has a hole in the end for hanging.


  • The silicone handles and heads of the spoons can tolerate heat up to 550° Fahrenheit.
  • This product is excellent as a gift item.
  • This utensil set has excellent value for your money.
  • Cleaning these spoons is very easy.


● These spoons are too big, which makes them uncomfortable and hard to use for people with smaller hands.

9. Best for Durability: Chef Craft Premium Silicone Handle Wooden Utensil Set

Chef Craft Premium Silicone Handle Wooden Utensil Set

This set of wooden utensils contains three spoons with three different bright colors handles. The handles of these spoons are made of silicone, making them easy to grip and adding a splash of color to your kitchen. The spoons are crafted from sturdy beechwood, offering durability and a natural appearance.


Wooden spoons have numerous advantages, and this Chef Craft Premium Silicone Handle Wooden Utensil Set is no exception. Using these spoons is a joy, as the silicone handles provide a comfy and secure grip, making stirring easier. In addition, the beech wood construction of these spoons helps protect your Teflon pans while looking beautiful.

If you want to keep the spoons looking great for a long time, it’s best to wash them by hand, which is typical for all wooden utensils. They are safe to use with nonstick pans, ensuring convenience in the kitchen. These spoons can be a great choice if you are looking for large wooden spoons for cooking.


  • These spoons keep your hand away from the heat while stirring.
  • They come with beautiful, bright-colored silicone handles.
  • You can get these spoons in three colors matching your kitchen style.
  • They are very durable.


● This wooden cooking spoon set is expensive compared to its counterparts.

What Should You Look for When Buying Wooden Cooking Utensils

When looking for top-quality wooden utensils, it’s essential to consider specific choices and features. These include wood material, design, maintenance, and cleaning, etc. Let’s take a look at them.

Wood Material

Wooden spoons are built with various types of wood, such as teak wood, beechwood, bamboo, etc. Some spoons are crafted from a single piece of wood, making them less likely to break, while others are made using linked pieces of wood.


If you are considering the best wood for cooking utensils, then bamboo is a great option. In addition, bamboo spoons are eco-friendly because bamboo is generally a renewable resource. However, keep in mind that the kind of wooden spoon you pick should match what you want to use it for.


Other than thinking about the sort of wood used to create a wooden utensil, consider the finish of the spoon. While some spoons have an extremely smooth finish due to sanding, others could have a more natural, rougher finish. Some manufacturers may apply a finish or preseason the spoons to improve their smoothness and durability.


The traditional wooden spoon with a rounded spoon head and a straight handle is still widely used and liked. However, there are now many different designs available to choose from. Some spoons have curved handles or grips for comfort. While some wooden spoons have an extremely smooth finish due to sanding, others could have a more natural, rougher finish.


You will also find a wooden spoon with flat edge heads or round or slotted heads. You have to pick a spoon that feels good to hold in the hand and will work well for the tasks you have in mind.


Considering how simple it is to clean and take care of each wooden utensil is crucial. Most makers suggest washing wooden cooking utensils by hand to keep them in good shape and make them last longer. However, some spoons may be safe to put in the dishwasher. It is crucial to oil a wooden utensil with a safe oil for food.


This forms a protective layer that shields the cooking utensil from stains and heat damage. It also helps to retain moisture and prevent the wood from becoming overly brittle. Unless the maker specifies different instructions for oiling, focus on oiling a wooden utensil once every couple of weeks.


When picking a wooden spoon, think about the size and shape of its head, its handle’s length, and how well it works in your kitchen environment. Check if the spoon’s head is the right size for tasting foods. See if the handle of the spoon is long enough to stir your food in the pot on the stove.


Also, check if the spoon can get into or scrape the corners of your dish. These are some crucial functions to consider when selecting a wooden spoon for your cooking needs.


Wooden spoons are usually affordable. Consider getting a combo pack that offers good value, giving you 5 to 6 different spoons in one package.

Final Words

There is a wide variety of wooden cooking utensils available in the market, each with different shapes and sizes. We have curated the above list based on usefulness, quality, and how long they last. In our opinion, the top pick is the Nayahose Wooden Utensil Set. It stands out from others for being non-toxic, having a smooth finish, and being long-lasting.

However, there are also many other great wooden utensil sets available on our list that offer excellent features. These wooden cooking utensils sets provide an excellent combination of versatility, functionality, and sturdiness, which makes them great options for a well-equipped kitchen. So, why wait? Go ahead and grab the best wooden cooking utensils now to make your cooking very easy.

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