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best utensils for stainless steel cookware
utensils for stainless steel cookware
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10 Best Utensils for Stainless Steel Cookware to Make Life Easy

Stainless steel cookware is very sensitive and prone to damage. You may only be conscious of using utensils over it once you don’t know what the right thing is to use on it and what not. Compared to other cooking materials available in the market, like metal, plastic, silicon, wood, or bamboo, stainless steel is more potent, solid, and durable.


Any cooking utensils can be used on this material except stainless steel. Again, stainless steel’s price is very high, so everyone wanted to reserve its previous looks and finish forever. Do you know these things could only happen if you use the right equipment while cooking?


This article gathers the 10 best utensils for stainless steel cookware, which are safe to retain its glossy finish and look for a more extended period. Let’s read further.

1. Understanding the Utensils Type and Material

Cooking utensils are available in different types and materials. There are likely 3–4 types of materials used to manufacture cooking accessories, including bamboo, beech, wood, silicon, nylon, and plastic.


Bamboo, beech, and wooden utensils are safe in all stainless steel cookware sets. Besides, silicon and nylon utensils are flexible, heat-resistant, and won’t scratch easily.


Try to choose a spatula, whisk, tongs, etc., made with bamboo, silicon, and metal that looks pretty durable, but you should avoid scratches. 


For a quick overview, check this table to catch the differences between different utensil materials.


Material Types





  • Made with solid fiber, Eco-friendly material 
  • Gentle, glossy
  • Affordable 
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Prone to stain


  • Popular among all from clothing to kitchen accessories 
  • Versatile 
  • Environmental friendly 
  • Stain resistance 
  • Oil like finish 
  • not dishwasher safe

Metal Or Steel

  • Durable
  • It lasted more than a decade 
  • Delicate to use on every cookware
  • High longevity
  • Stunning finish
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant  
  • Least versatile 


  • Non-greasy
  • Food doesn’t stick on it for longer
  • Available in a bunch of fun colors
  • Flexible 
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Safe to use
  • Pricey 

Plastic/ Nylon

  • Chemical free
  • Doesn’t spread food toxins
  • Flexible like Silicon 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • It could be used in non-stick-coated accessories 
  • Not suitable for use in high-heat

What Utensils Should I Use with Stainless Steel (Different Type of Utensils):

When using stainless steel cookware, it is advisable to select appropriate utensils to ensure the longevity of your cookware and maintain its quality. 

Preferred utensils for use with stainless steel include those made of wood, silicone, nylon, or stainless steel itself. These materials are less likely to scratch or damage the surface of the stainless steel cookware compared to utensils made of harder materials like metal or steel.

Choosing suitable utensils can help preserve the appearance and functionality of your stainless steel kitchenware.

Stainless steel utensils are available in two varieties including with:

    • regular nickel-plated stainless steel 
    • and nonstick coating. 

For regular nickel-plated stainless steel, you can choose traditional bare steel. This one is tough and well-worthy to use on it. Besides, use wood, bamboo, plastic, nylon, or silicon-type utensils for cooking. 

If you have stainless steel pans with nonstick coating, avoid using metal or wooden utensils, which can put a scratch mark. Let’s glimpse the details of the 10 best utensils used on stainless steel cookware.

1. Best For Sturdiness: OXO Good Grips Wooded Natural Finish Utensil Set

1. OXO Good Grips Wooded Natural Finish Utensil Set
OXO Good Grips Wooded Natural Finish Utensil Set

OXO is the best-known brand for making cooking utensils for many years. Since their excellent reputation, their wooded natural finish utensils require undefined praise. These wooden utensil sets are thicker and sturdier than anyone anticipated. It works well and will likely hold up for a long time. 


This item is trendy among its users, who will admire it by saying, “it’s a money-buying product.” If you want to buy a good set of wooden utensils that work across multiple cookware types, these are. A 12–15-year lifespan is predicted for these utensils, which are durable, easy to clean, and last for a long time. It is solid and sturdy for scrapping also. 


Their appearance is good, and people praise the polished look it has. The handles with these sets are large and have a natural oil finish for durability.


    • Finish Type: Natural oil
    • Care Instruction: Hand wash
    • Material: Beechwood
    • Product Dimension: 1.25″L x 6.5″ W
    • Country Of Origin: China
    • Item Weight: 12 ounce


  • Strong and solid
  • Large, comfortable 
  • Solid beech wood construction 
  • Great for stirring and serving
  • Having an opening for neat hanging


  • The items come with a skinny spoon to use

2. Best For Budget: Lochantie Bamboo Wooden Spoons And Cooking Utensils

2. Lochantie Bamboo Wooden Spoons And Cooking Utensils
Lochantie Bamboo Wooden Spoons And Cooking Utensils

Second, we have these wooden spoons and cooking utensils. These kitchen spoons for cooking are designed well-thought-out by professional people who love to cook. These utensils are well-fitted for cooking in stainless steel pans and others. 


It has a hole in each spoon for ease of storage or hanging. The long handle keeps the hand safe away from the sizzle. Its cleaning process is also easy and less time-consuming. You must use warm water and soap to clean the items properly. Then, dry them with a clean, dry kitchen towel.


Several chefs love this product for their eco-friendly and comfortable traits. Once you get this item, you can feel its relatively smooth, polished wood surface. These are sturdy enough to flip heavy steaks and soft-sufficient for flipping omelets. Since bamboo is a renewable and biodegradable material, these kitchen utensils are environmentally safe and a responsible choice.


    • Material: Bamboo 
    • Style: Elegant 
    • Item Dimension: 11.81 x 2.36 x 0.35 inches
    • Number Of Pieces: 6
    • Size: 6
    • Item Weight: 9.1 ounce


  • Beautiful and elegant 
  • Perfect for stainless steel pans
  • Affordable 
  • Provide an attractive appearance to the kitchen 
  • Long-lasting and strong


  • Not dishwasher safe

3. Best For Environment: Silipot BPA Free Cooking Utensils Set

Silipot BPA Free Cooking Utensils Set
Silipot BPA Free Cooking Utensils Set

If you’re looking for a set of safe materials, then you can switch on it. It is an excellent option for cooking in stainless steel-made accessories. The primary material of these spoons is platinum silicon, which won’t melt in high heat. It feels very lightweight, durable, and flexible. This spatula set is designed to make cooking easier. Whether you’re making a simple breakfast or a complex gourmet meal doesn’t matter. 


Another great thing about this silicon-made spatula is its environmentally safe characteristics. They are 100% free from lead, BPA, and phthalate. Besides, these sets have been manufactured in Korea following the highest safety regulations. 


Those items are very flexible and handy, so they will be an excellent option for cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a party. Moreover, those cute spatulas are heat-resistant at up to 482⁰ F and are 100% cooking and dishwasher safe.


    • Size: Mini
    • Number of pieces: 7
    • Is the Dishwasher Safe? Yes
    • Dimensions: 10 x 3.1 x 2.4 inches
    • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
    • Handle Material: silicon


  • Hygienic and environment-safe
  • Made to last
  • Practical and compact
  • Stylish, strong
  • BPA and phthalate-free


  • It’s less heat-resistant than required by the manufacturer.

4. Best For Nonstick: Anolon SureGrip Nonstick Utensil Kitchen Cooking Tool

4. Anolon SureGrip Nonstick Utensil Kitchen Cooking Tool
Anolon SureGrip Nonstick Utensil Kitchen Cooking Tool

The best thing about this kitchen utensil is its extra large size. Its dimension is quite okay to cook and stir any heavy foodstuffs. You’ll fall in love with these cooking spatulas, spoons, and ladles shaped to get under foods and around corners. 


Most of these items are made of nylon construction. Consequently, these utensils are excellent for cooking with stainless steel utensils like pans, pots, and others that have non-stick coating on their surfaces. 

Furthermore, this package has a silicon-made handle to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip. In this way, you’ll be able to serve food or stir them without any trouble. It is a better fit to embrace high heat; many have heat resistance up to 450⁰ degrees F. You’ll get all sorts of BPA-free items here, and they’re convenient dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


    • Material: Nylon
    • Size: 6 piece 
    • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
    • Number Of Pieces: 1
    • Handle Material: soft grip over mold
    • Heat Resistance: 450⁰ F


  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA safe
  • Made with durable, heat-resistant nylon
  • High quality 
  • Handles are in the perfect size to hold while cooking.


  • It requires hard scrubbing while cleaning.

5. Best For Consistency: All-Clad Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets

5. All-Clad Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets
All-Clad Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets

All-Clad professional stainless steel may look super basic, but it has them all, which you need most. It can implement everything that a person requires to finish any cooking perfectly. You can satisfy your mind with its many new amenities. 


First, you’ll be impressed with its primary colors. No doubt, these are well suited for increasing the interior beauty of your kitchen. The all-Clad brand is dedicated to retaining its fame, versatility, and finish from the beginning. 


You won’t find any limitations since their commitment makes them very profitable. The materials used to make these utensils are superb due to the 18-10 stainless steel. This sort of material is well-known for its ultra-durability, polishness, and others. They’ll even last longer than you expect and never break easily like others.


    • Material: stainless steel
    • Size: 6
    • Dimensions: 18.5 x 6.5 x 6.1 inches
    • Handle Material: stainless steel
    • Item Weight: 4.06 pounds
    • Country Of Origin: China


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for all cooking needs
  • Ideal for use in all-sized utensils 
  • The handle feels nice on the hand
  • Made with high gloss stainless steel


  • They’re very prone to break easily.

6. Best For Occasion: IQCWood Cooking Utensils Wood

6. IQCWood Cooking Utensils Wood
IQCWood Cooking Utensils Wood

This one is famous for its extraordinary sets, which include a 4.7-inch slotted spoon, a 15.”7 to 3.7″ inches spatula, a 15.6 to 3.15″ inches slated spatula, 1 inches soup Ladle(13.8 to 3.7″), a 1-inch spaghetti server, etc. These 5-piece stainless steel utensil sets will make your cooking journey more purposeful daily. 


It is at least more durable than any other cooking utensils. Because of the material, you’ll get 304 high-quality stainless steel and wooden-made handles. The most beneficial part of this item is its long wooden handle specially. It’s because cooking for a long time with boiling water or oil will protect you from oil or water burns. Besides, it allows you to clean utensils effectively and store them in the right place.


    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Size: 15.7 × 3.7 inches
    • Number of pieces: 5
    • Handle Material: wood
    • Item weight: 2.79 pounds
    • Care Instruction: Dishwasher-safe


  • Perfect to use for occasions 
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Easily suit your tableware for a polished finish 
  • Corrosion and rust resistant 
  • Eligible to reduce heat conductivity


  • These items sometimes need to be more tightly sealed and were loose before any first attempt.

7. Best For Material: OXO 3 Piece Good Grips Wooden Turner Set

OXO 3 Piece Good Grips Wooden Turner Set
OXO 3 Piece Good Grips Wooden Turner Set

In terms of the first appearance, these items are similar to its previous model, the OXO natural finish utensils set. But there is a little difference between them two in their size. This set comes with a big, heavy size, making your cooking more comfortable than its rivals. 


If you are currently thinking of switching to wooden spoons or other utensils, this could be the one you should try immediately. They’re well-worthy to use in any nonstick cookware set specially made with stainless steel. These items are sturdy so that you won’t notice scratches or food stains on the pans. 


Moreover, they’re straightforward to handwash. All in all, you’ll get a noticeable decorative look compared to your kitchen counterpart. Wooden material sets are also suitable for better sealed and quick absorption power from wet. Therefore, you can easily use them anywhere, and your cooked food will be served perfectly on the dish every time.


    • Material: Beech
    • Product Dimension: 15.1″ L× 3.5″ W
    • Weight: 8.5 ounce
    • Size: Large
    • Number of Pieces:
    • Country Of Origin: China


  • Solid, durable 
  • Oil finish 
  • Perfect for as a gift
  • Large and easily accessible spoons 
  • Safe for nonstick cookware sets


  • It sometimes becomes dry and breaks after the first use.

8. Best For Calphalon Pans: Calphalon Gourmet Mixed Kitchen Utensil

Calphalon Gourmet Mixed Kitchen Utensil
Calphalon Gourmet Mixed Kitchen Utensil

Cooking with this Calphalon gourmet mixed kitchen utensils is just an excellent experience. Everything you’ll get here is fresh, lovely, and natural. The natural oil finish increases the high-profile prejudice of these sets. People always find this item handy and easy to carry. It won’t hurt your wrist even if you hold it for long.


It allows you to do everything related to the kitchen and cooking, like stirring, mixing, baking, and serving. The most innovative part of this item is its unique and super-durable material. Nylon is well-known for retaining the cookware finish for a more extended period. It has good heat resistance up to 400⁰ F. 


The silicon scraper comes with it and also has 500-260⁰ heat-resistant traits. You can use these qualities at high and low heating temperatures during cooking.


    • Weight: 2 pounds
    • Dimension: 14″ L× 2″ W
    • Number of pieces: 1
    • Care Instruction: Dishwasher-safe
    • Department: Kitchen 
    • Style: Utensil set/ 7 piece


  • All sorts of BPA-free
  • Scratch free 
  • Can handle high heat well
  • Attractive kitchen countertop storage
  • Best for rich food cooking


  • It doesn’t have a hole on the handle for hanging to store it easily.

9. Best For Quality: YoCosii Silicone Cooking Utensils

YoCosii Silicone Cooking Utensils
YoCosii Silicone Cooking Utensils

This set is fantastic and has all that you need for the kitchen. It has excellent value, and you’ll love the grey and wood color. They are very sturdy yet flexible. The variety of tools included in this set is incredible. You will likely not need to purchase any utensils outside this set. Many of its users claim they have no wear and tear after using them for a few months. The best thing is that these utensils are relatively easy to clean, although some food residue you need to scrub out seems to lock in.


These kitchen utensils come with a cover, which you may need to mix contents in a bowl to cut veggies for cooking. You’ll get a flex spatula, soup ladle, serving spoons, pasta server, spatula turner, and whisk in one pack of items.

 I find each item very well-designed and straightforward. The food-grade silica gel use of this item is an excellent source of high-temperature resistance. For this, all of the products can withstand temperatures from -40⁰F to 446⁰F.


    • Size: 11 pieces 
    • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds 
    • Number of pieces: 11
    • Handle Material: Wood
    • Dimension: 13.98 x 4.69 x 3.66 inches
    • Heat-Resistant: -40⁰ F to -446⁰ F


  • Made with food-grade silicon 
  • Easy to wash 
  • Durable 
  • Ergonomic design
  • No smell, no deformation


  • It’s not safe to use with a dishwasher.

10. Best For Everyday Use: OXO Good Grip 15 Piece Everyday Kitchen Utensils

10. OXO Good Grip 15 Piece Everyday Kitchen Utensils
OXO Good Grip 15 Piece Everyday Kitchen Utensils

Lastly, I chose these extra large kitchen utensils from the big brand OXO. It is OXO’s regular item, which arrived with 15 pieces of knives in one pack. These utensils hold exceptional features and functions to provide more comfort and peace in the kitchen. 


For instance, I can talk about its material. The manufacturer uses both nylon and silicon here for uplifting your cooking experience. The items include ice cream scoopers, a pizza wheel, a meat tenderizer, a balloon whisk, and a potato masher. 

These products are helpful and can’t easily be found in other usual utensils sold. Moreover, there is an ample utensils’ holder, including a removable dip tray. Anyone can easily clean the inside of the tray and holder using this tray.


    • Item Weight: 6 pounds
    • Product Dimension: 15.68″L x 9.68″ W
    • Material: Nylon, silicon 
    • Care Instruction: Dishwasher safe only
    • Department: Kitchen 
    • Size: 15


  • Easy to hold
  • Elegant 
  • Last for years
  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Large capacity holder along with all that a kitchen needs


  • Some items need to be more handy to use appropriately.

What Considers While Buying Utensils for Stainless Steel Cookware: A Complete Buying Guide

When you’re shopping around, it is compulsory to learn about some features. Not all types of utensils are safe and suitable to use on stainless steel cookware. Below, I add only the most essential things you should consider while buying necessary stainless steel. 


Oil Finish

Suppose you are looking for utensils that have natural oil finishes that bring a beautiful interior scenario around the kitchen. Oil-finish utensils are bright, glossy, and elegant to notice. 



Capture the size of the utensils which belong to oversized items. Generally, most utensils are available for 6–7 items or sometimes 10–15 items. 


If you must maintain a large family, switch to a large size. But if you’re staying alone or having a small family, it would be best to get a tiny one. 


Care Instruction 

Investigate the care instructions of the package. It is essential as everyone wants their kitchen utensils to last like a new one for a more extended period. In that case, try to check the user manual to know the fitting instructions for cleaning them. 


It will help you to prevent them from unexpected damage and fading their natural oil finish. Besides, keep in mind to avoid rubbing extremely harsh tools or scrubbers to clean wooden utensils. It may ruin their finish and seem shabby and rough.


Environmentally Friendly and Heat Resistance 

Ensure to have environmentally friendly utensils like all kinds of toxic chemicals, BPA, and paraben-free. All of these things can ruin the actual texture and taste of the cooking food. Some may spread poison on the food during cooking time. 


Also, remember to check the heat resistance capacity of your utensils. Fortunately, most kitchen appliances, especially utensils, are available from -45 to -450/500⁰ F heat resistance. That means it will indirectly allow you to cook food in high heat. You won’t need to fear melting or other messes while boiling.


Can We Use Metal Utensils On Stainless Steel?


Yes, you can use any metal utensils on stainless steel. But try to use caution before using them on stainless steel since they can put a scratch or mar on the pot and pan’s surfaces.


Do Use Stainless Steel Cookware Safe? 

Most stainless steel cookware is made with non-reactive, toxin-free, safe materials. But some cookware are made with cadmium and nickel, which bear some metals. These metals can stick with cooking food for a few weeks if not taken with proper caution. The good news is that research shows that these non-toxic metals will start to immediately go away after a month of usage. 


Will Plastic Utensils Melt Quickly When Come Close To High Heat?

The vast majority of plastic will quickly melt away when it comes close to high heat, around 212-284⁰ F. This is disappointing because other utensil materials like nylon, silicon, and wood have more heat resistance power, about 440-500⁰ F.

Final Thought:

Stainless steel-made cookware is incredibly durable and robust for use everywhere. It is extremely important to select the best utensils for stainless steel cookware to ensure their longevity and performance. Although stainless steel is prized to withstand high temperatures, it can be prone to scratching and damage if not used with the proper utensils. 

In that case, my top pick is OXO good grips, natural oil finish utensils, and All-Clad Professional stainless steel kitchen utensils. These are very natural, made with nonstick properties and satisfactory heat resistance. You can choose whatever you like in your mind. But I recommend you to always prefer nylon, silicon, and wooden utensils to plastic. They last longer and are less prone to melt in high heat.

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