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How To Set Utensils on Table for Occasion: Let’s explore it

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Setting utensils on the table is an art that combines practicality with aesthetics, atmosphere for dining. 


In this article, we’ll explore the essential guidelines and creative tips for setting utensils on the table. After learning how to set utensils on table you can finish the task like any professional or an expert. 


However, in today’s guidelines, we remove all of this confusion and doubts from your mind about setting utensils on the table properly. 


As we use different utensils for different meals, arranging them in the right place is essential. Otherwise, you will ruin your impression of your guests during special family parties, Christmas, and many other occasions.


Here are the ideas you should remember before starting the task.


5 Things to Be Considered When Arranging Table Utensils on Table 

With proper planning, you can maintain the arrangement of your plan. To make it happen righteously, follow these five things and practice them by heart.


Make A Proper Plan by Yourself 

We know you need to gain experience with table-setting tasks. But before you start them, you must have made a plan for yourself.

You can enlist every utensil, from white wine glass to red wine glass and napkin ring, on your list and think by yourself where to place them to make the table setting formal. 

You can place them by following the contemporary rules like we always used to arrange the plates by placing a napkin on the left. It is a standard table manner which we all used to do on our special occasions. Therefore, putting all the utensils and making a craft of placing them on paper will help you to set them appropriately at a primary level. 


Follow The Casual Table Setting 

Inherit an idea from the casual rules that the top restaurants, family get-togethers, and marriage ceremonies usually follow. 

  • To captivate the ideas, you can start by setting all the utensils on the napkins.
  • Then, place the napkin in the right corner of the table by putting a fork, knife, and spoon, and keep the blade facing toward the fork.  
  • On the other hand, you can set the napkin to the left with the fork in the manner that it is resting with different utensils. 
  • Place the fork left on the dinner plates. Set the napkin to the left of the forks.
  • Then, set the water glasses at a 45⁰ angle to the right of the plates and knife. 
  • You can then arrange all the course meals in the centre of the table.


Informal Or Semi-Informal Table Settings

This semi-informal table setting is usually a primary type of table setting. You need to focus on your style and ideas in this setting. You can significantly add some stainless steel cooking utensils here, which are more casual and aesthetic. 

It is an excellent idea and suitable for any classical dinner party. However, this sort of table setting can be arranged in different styles.

  •  First, you can follow the right-hand dominant type of dinner settings on your table. 


  • Keep the forks and spoons at the right top of the plate.


  •  Keep the red wine glass aside from the plate’s napkin ring.


  •  Put the fork to the left if you think it doesn’t match the plate. 


  • To save more room on your table, you can set the dinner knife just before the dinner plate. 


  • Then, put the glass and forks beside them. Or you can place your knife and fork on top of the napkin.

cutlery and glass on table

Formal Dinner Table Setting 

If you’re looking for a formal type of table setting, then follow these instructions to cope with it soon. 

  • First, place a flat, ironed tablecloth on your table. Make sure to put it in the middle.
  • Next, you can put a charger on the table on each side.
  • Now, put a fish knife, soup bowl, dinner knife, and fish fork on the left.
  • At the right of the corner, keep a napkin and salad fork, and gradually, 
  • Then, leave the dinner plate and keep wine glasses like red wine, white wine, and water. 
  • Now, arrange all the black silverware utensils at the front of the charger plate. It makes the arrangement more soothing and perfect for any casual party. 
  • Lay the knife closet near the plate and then keep the spoon. 
  • Finally, finish the arrangement by keeping other utensils in front of the table, including a dinner knife, pepper shaker, saltshaker, side plate, dessert spoon, extra napkin, etc. 


5. Modern Formal Table Settings

If you’re looking into more than these above settings, then this modern formal table setting is for you. By this term, you can manage a bare table in a manner that is convenient for you. These are the following instructions you have to abide by strictly. 

  • Keep your butter knife and bread plate at the top of the dinner plate.


  • Then, keep the charger plate along with the dinner fork on the left side. 


  • On the left of the dinner plate, you can keep the curry soup bowl or any utensils for cast iron spoons or forks. It will create a vintage style. 


  • Next, you have to put a soup spoon and a dinner knife on the table. 


  • The entire arrangement of the table must look like a circle. 


  • Always make sure to keep the glasses left on the fork and plate. 


Some Tips to Keep Utensils with an Appropriate Manner 

There are many tips and tricks you can apply when it comes to appropriately keeping utensils. You can bring and add ideas about your grandmother’s time when every utensil was used to place different utensils with different tablecloths. However, be aware of choosing your styles and ensure that you follow the rules correctly. 


Don’t Block the Table with a Lot of Stuff 

Keep a few things on the table which may be the most significant fault for many. Keeping a lot of stuff will block the table space, and you will always need more room to put the necessary things in it. 


Use Different Colors Utensils for Bringing Variation 

You can keep different types of utensils on the table that are mismatched with other things. For example, if you have two to three different colored plates and bowls, add some glass-colored glasses, forks, and black utensils. Color mismatch is essential to create a vintage and aesthetic appearance on your table manner. 


Roll The napkins and Display Them Differently

Roll the napkin, or you can place them in a regular pattern anywhere you like most. You can put them on the wine glass to show more formalities. Different colored napkins like pink, green, and mixed color napkins are handy for decorating tables for birthday parties or weddings. In that case, a napkin plays an active role in enhancing the entire beauty of your table arrangement. 


Place Some Candlelight 

To bring some twist to your table manner, you can add some candlelight to make it more colorful. If you’re dating your guest at nighttime, then a colorful candle with a crystal glass of champagne is a great combination to highlight the party. 

utensils are set on table with paper napkin

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Table Setting Important?

The table setting is essential for entertainment and makes your guests feel special. You may find it unnecessary to learn about arranging table manners, but your guests may find it valuable and joyful. Also, good table manners make the dishes look better. 


How Many Table Settings Are There, And What Are They?

There are five types of table settings. You will be very fond of them. Those table settings include formal, informal, basic, five-course, and buffet table settings.


Which Is the Perfect Position to Place a Fork and Knife?

It would help if you placed the fork and knife on the left of the plate. They must be placed at a 45⁰ angle position along with other utensils on the table. 



A good table setting will not only give you pleasure but also reflect your humble hospitality towards the guest. Your table management will help to win the hearts of your guests. 


Take your step carefully whenever arranging your table manner. Start from the basics and get help from our guidelines mentioned above. This guidance will provide you with the necessary assistance to organize your table correctly. 


Read the entire writing about how to set utensils on table where we can rest assured to pursue your dream arrangement. Apart from this, you can combine your ideas to achieve a better appearance. 


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